A List of Elephant Cloth Diapers for World Elephant Day

Cloth Diapers for World Elephant Day

Did you know World Elephant Day is August 12? I didn’t, not until one of my Elephant friends shared everything elephant on Facebook. Where would we be without the internet?

In celebration of World Elephant Day, let’s round up all the best elephant cloth diapers out there. Well, I’m not even sure I know of any elephant cloth diapers…

Cloth Diapers for World Elephant Day

This post may contain affiliate links with brands and retailers. Any sales result in a commission. Not all the diapers showcased today are still available at retailers. 

Old Elephants and Blue Elephants by Blueberry

One of the early Blueberry prints is an elephant print, it’s pretty hard to find. Then there was a newer version made in recent years.

Old Elephants by Blueberry

Elephant Tales by Bummis

Bummi’s might not be in business, but you can still find their cute elephant print floating around the internet.

Elephant Tales by Bummis

Eloise by Smart Bottoms

This simple cloth diaper print might be retired but you’ll still find her floating around the buy and sell market.

Eloise by Smart Bottoms

Irrelephant and Parade by AppleCheeks

These regular line up prints are absolutely adorable additions to any collection and available in the one size ruffle option.

In the Wild by Fuzzibunz

First Year Cloth Diapers by Fuzzibunz features a safari landscape.

Love Always Wins by Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers

How sweet is this 2017 addition to the Sweet Pea Cloth Diaper Family?

Love Always Wins by Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers

Safari Sunset by Nicki’s Diapers

Nicki’s Diapers features a sunset line up, this popular safari scene includes walking elephants.

Nickis' Safari Sunset

Serene by KangaCare

Want to colour your own Elephant. Lucky you might get a full elephant face on the bum of this line up available at Kangacare. 

Serene by Kangacare

Trumpet by Imagine Baby

This classic yellow cloth diaper is the perfect neutral for any mama. It’s budget friendly and ready to go. You can also pick up Trumpet on Flat cloth diapers.

Trumpet by Imagine Baby

Uptown Trunk by Best Bottom

This exclusive to Moms Milk Boutique is perfection for an elephant print by Best Bottom.


Know of any other elephant print cloth diapers? Leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to add it if it fits. There are a ton of WAHM and cheapies manufacturing elephant prints and it’s hard to include them all.

Cloth Diapers for Elephant Day

Show 04 – Meet Annie, Owner of Nerdy Mommas Cloth Diapers

This week we talk with Annie from Nerdy Mommas. Annie is a dedicated cosplay loving business mama designing cloth diapers from her home in Florida. Learn about Annie, how she got here, and her growing Nerdy Cloth Diaper business. This episode is perfect for anyone who loves cloth diapers and learning more about the behind scenes of a cloth diaper brand.

Download this episode (right click and save)
Find it on iTunes here. 
Topic: Interview with Annie from Nerdy Momma’s on the Nerdy Momma’s brand.

Host: Bailey @ SimplyMomBailey
Cloth Diaper Podcast
Guests: Annie, Owner, Nerdy Mommas, Florida.
Length: 39:57


I’m unbelieveably tardy with this weeks show notes. Whoever decided to start a podcast in the summer whe I don’t have regular childcare and a million other “fun summer things” to do, was silly. #myhusband 

The audio lags, my apologies again. I’m learning this whole podcast/recording thing and my internet failed a little during the phone call with Annie.

2:25 Cloth Diaper New Releases ending August 08, 2018

Let’s not forget about international cat day and all the amazing cat printed cloth diapers. 

AppleCheeks released Who Cars & Solar Flare coming out August 15, 2018.

Find them here:
CozyBums Diapers (Canada)

LagoonBaby (Canada)

The Baby Foot Print (Canada)

Cloth Diaper Kids (Canada)

Kelly’s Closet (USA)

Diaper Junction (USA)

AppleCheeks August 2018 Prints

3:12 – Dear Cloth Diaper Industry, I would love a train themed cloth diaper.

4:40 Meet Annie from Nerdy Mommas

Located: Treasure Coast of Florida
Lighthouse Kids is located South of Annie. 

Momma of 1, 4-year-old, and looking to grow her family one day again in the future.

Annie from Nerdy Mommas

6:58 – How Did you Get Into Cloth Diapering

Annie wanted to get into it at the start, but easily got overwhelmed with and decided to put it on the back burner. Her crunchy nature evolved into breastfeeding, babywearing and fustration of disposable diapers had her looking at cloth diapering.

Bought a stash of 10 pocket cloth diapers with microfibre and used 2-3 microfibre overnight in one pocket. Didn’t know there were other options like bamboo and hemp inserts. Eventually upgraded to 20 diapers. 

Annie was washing every day. She would use 8 diapers per day, she would do a simple 20 minute pre-wash, then a heavy duty wash, and tossed the diapers in the dryer before bed and would wake up to clean diapers.

It was nice to not stress about it.

When she got into hemp and bamboo it was nice to know you didn’t need a basketball on her butt for cloth diapering to work.

Annie got involved in a local co-op (not for profit) doing small orders for the ladies in town as it was advantageous.

Annie noticed a lack of support and quality in the cloth diapering community.

10:55 – Nerdy Momma’s Cloth Diaper Cut

Annie modified the cut, added bamboo inserts, 4 rise snaps for 4 sizings.

Bailey doesn’t really like microfibre either, you can read about that here. 

Noticed a lack of nerdy cloth diapers. There are a few nerdy co-ops but still a little bit of a lag in the industry for people to resonate with other people like her watching Anime, Futurama, Adult Swim. She loves being able to wake up and grab a cute cloth diaper like Harry Potter or other nerdy.

Blending of hobbies that lets you express yourself, and you can bond on things that aren’t Sesame Street.

13:56 Nerdy Momma Artwork

Sketches from Annie’s notebook and a friend of hers (another mom – Chelsea) helps digitize the artwork to be printed onto the fabric.

16:00 Manufacture

It’s difficult with things coming from different places. Everything is certified.

Really adamant about having a personal relationship with their company she works with. Wanted to ensure that she did her follow up that everything was quality control and met her expectations.

Annie does sew her own Cosplay and does costume commission. 

Prices for cloth diapers are totally legitimized, and hand making things is not cheap.

You can have quality. You can have nerdy. You can have an affordable stash.

The cost of cloth diapering can be discouraging for people, but at the end of the day if its made responsibility and it makes your life easier then it shouldn’t matter.  

Article about Hating Cloth Diapers – The hype of one brand isn’t always going to work for you. Try a little of everything. This is also one of my favourite themes.  Trying a few different things is important in motherhood from babywearing and beyond.

20:40 What Does a Nerdy Momma Diaper Cost/Look Like.

2 Types of Cloth Diapers – Shop Here

  • Pocket Cloth Diaper lined with Fleece
    • Classic Pockets.
    • Sewn-in Elastic Casing (not FOE, or Rolled Elastics)
  • AIO Cloth Diaper with Flaps on different ends.
    • Similiar to the bumGenius Freetime, or Happy Flute, or the Omaiki AIO
    • Double Gusset
    • Bamboo Terry Cloth – Bamboo Cotton Blend – Bamboo Terry Cloth
    • Designed to be an overnight cloth diaper as it offers extra space to help boost.

Nerdy Momma Cloth Diapers #nerdy #clothdiapers


27:25 – Biggest Challenge Running Nerdy Momma’s

Providing content to people that is sound and creating information that isn’t the law. Cloth information should have wiggle room. There’s give and take, experimenting. Trying to be non confrontation in a confrontational world is hard especially to create a basis of trust in a world of lot individual cases.

You’re filling a super niche’d need which is awesome but also the big challenge.

30:35 Nerdy Momma New Product

Coming launch this August will be 6 new limited designs in their array of cloth diaper products and accessories at Nerdy Mommas.

The last release was 11 prints.

2 New Cloth Diaper Products.

6 New Fandom Designs and 5 are New.

34:10 – Where Can People Find Out More


But join the Nerdy Momma’s Facebook Group for some amazing Giveaways to celebrate the new prints. Find it on her Facebook Page when it’s started.

37:44 Biggest Advice for a New Momma.

Don’t Give Up. 

You’re a good mom. You made a people. Don’t give up.




A List of Cat Cloth Diapers for International Cat Day

It’s International Cat Day.

Do you love cats?

Apparently 41% of the population likes cats a lot. That’s not a lot.

Probably why there are not a whole lot of cat cloth diapers. These aren’t cloth diapers for cats. No, these are cloth diapers with cats on it.

Here’s a list of cat cloth diapers I know about, drop me a comment if you know of any. This post does contain affiliate links to brands and retailers I work with under SimplyMomBaileySome of these cloth diapers will no longer be available new as they might have been limited, exclusives, or no longer in production. You can find them on the buy and sell and other spaces on the internet people sell cloth diapers.

CATitude by bumGenius

This limited editition bumGenius cloth diaper rolled out in the June 2017 CottonBabies Collector box .

CATitude Cloth Diaper by bumGenius - Cat Cloth Diaper

Caturday by Applecheeks

This 2016 cat inspired print is probably not available new from AppleCheeks.

Caturday by Applecheeks Cat Cloth Diapers

Kittens by Blueberry

This 2015 Blueberry & Me release is just about kitty awesome.

Kittens by Blueberry Cat Cloth Diaper

Meow by Borrowed Planet

This is circa 2015 or earlier, but this Borrowed Planet cat cloth diaper is perfection in every sense. Good luck finding one.

Meow by Borrowed Planet - Cat Cloth Diaper

Purrrfect by GroVia

This limited edition GroVia cloth diaper came out as an April Fools Joke many years ago. It was made a reality in 2017 with limited stock at retailers. This cloth diaper features a cat riding a unicorn. It’s weird.

Purrfect by GroVia - Cat Cloth DIapers

Raining Cats & Dogs by Lalabye Baby 

Do you love cats and dogs, then this Lalabye Baby is for you. It’s Raining Cats and Dogs released in 2017 and might still be available.

It's Raining Cats & Dogs by Lalabye Baby - Cat Cloth Diaper

Scarredy Cat by Nicki’s

Embrace a little halloween with this cat inspired cloth diaper from Nicki’s Diapers. 

Scaredy Cat Cloth Diaper by Nickis Diapers - Cat Cloth Diapers

Know of any other cat themed cloth diapers? Drop a comment below and fill us in. I’ll update the list as I find time, but help the others who stop by.

Don’t forget to pin this for later.

Cloth Diapers with Cats for International Cat Day

Show 03 – Meet Sarah B

Cloth Diaper Podcast with Sarah B

This week we talk with Sarah B from Edmonton, Alberta. She’s an every day mama sharing her cloth diapering experience. You might love this weeks episode if you love adventure, curious about how to cloth diaper and hike/paddle, and just wanna take in another perspective.

Download this episode (right click and save)
Find it on iTunes here. 
Topic: Interview with Sarah B, Cloth Diaper Mom.

I’ll admit the sound is not great on this weeks episode. I promise to commit to getting better. 

Host: Bailey @ SimplyMomBailey
Cloth Diaper Podcast
Guests: Sarah B, Edmonton, Alberta
Length:  30:00 minutes


Cloth Diaper Podcast with Sarah B

3:19 – Started Cloth Diapering from Friends.

Most of her stash is GlowBugs Cloth Diapers, bumGenius, Flip Covers, Couple Random.

4:03 – Bummis Green & Pink Cloth Diapers

4:28: What is your favourite cloth diaper

Glowbug & bumGenius Pocket Cloth Diapers

5:21: What’s your biggest cloth diaper challenge

Figuring out absorbency especially for overnight, and maybe just use disposables because its easy for overnight.


6:44: If you could design your own cloth diaper, what would it look like.

Sarah thinks there needs to be a paddlesport print, something with canoeing or mountain biking or more.

9:43: Toys in the Canoe

Tied the toys in, and only bring the toys that can get wet.

11:27 : What do you do when you go camping.

Couple days – we use pocket.

Back country, Sarah brings her Flip covers with g-diaper inserts (finds them on Amazon in Canada). She uses them because they are 100% compostable, and you can put them in your compost at home.  Sometimes she packs them home, sometimes they can be used in different types of the outhouse

Don’t mind my toddler dragging a chair across the kitchen floor in the background. 

Other disposable inserts that I’ve tried – Flip & GroVia, Charlie Banana.

14:25: Sunshine Coast Trail

Starts up in Powell River, she attempted because she sprained her ankle on Day 2 and rerouted to try a paddle trip instead – the Powell River Canoe route.  with a 5-month-old. 

Cloth Diaper on Paddle Board - Sarah B

16:59 – Goal is to try FST on the trail.

But really weather dependent and washing every couple of days.

— I bought the Scrubba bag for the Flats & Handwashing Challenge. 

Sarah used it on the trail, and family trips. She says its easier than using a plastic bag.

18:44 – You have to be willing to put in the extra work.


20:20 – If someone asks how to get started cloth diapering.

What type of diaper are they interested?

Are you trying to do it the cheapest way or the easiest way?


21: 37 – Tricky Washing Machine

According to FLU it’s a large washing machine barrel, and it makes it tough to fill it up to get a good wash. She needs to fill hers up 3/4 and uses her bigger stash of pocket cloth diapers.

22:50 – Funky Fluff & Bummis Announced they are closing.

Sad to see a quality cloth diaper leave the industry. There’s a lot of eb and flow in the cloth diaper industry and whether to stay open, close and/or sell.

Glowbug just changed to a new owner recently…

Bailey was trying to pronounce this brand – Kawaii

24:41 – Made in Canada Cloth Diapers

25:50 – Transition of Cloth Diaper Brands

How they use things on social media and some brands use brand reps, and some brands have zero social media presence (like Blueberry Diapers).

  • is it because of they a higher class brand?
  • is it because they are dramatic?

26:40 Edmonton Cloth Diaper Retailers

Not too many options.

27:35 What do you do when you’re not just a mom?

Sarah is a newborn, family, engagement photographer.


— Seriously, I apologise for the terrible sound quality. I promise I’ll get better so stick with me.





The Cloth Diaper Podcast is dedicated to sharing everyday stories of diapering. We welcome any and all suggestions for future episodes and encourage you to connect with us for an interview. We’d love to interview what works for you, your favourite cloth diaper, and any words to the wise you have. Send us an email bailey [at] clothdiaperpodcast [dot] com or connect with us online: Facebook or Instagram.

Show 02 – Cloth Diapering Dad Interview

An Interview with a Cloth Diaper Dad - Cloth Diapering - Podcasts for Moms

This week we talk with a Cloth Diaper Dad to get the nitty gritty on the cloth diaper experience from a Dad’s view. Why a Dad? Because this podcaster thought it would be the easiest way to get her first guest host out of the way. Let’s tune in and listen to this week’s podcast.

Download this episode (right click and save)
Find it on iTunes here. 
Topic: Interview with Cloth Diaper Dad

Host: Bailey @ SimplyMomBailey
Cloth Diaper Podcast
Guests: Eric Bouwman (Cloth Diaper Dad – Husband to Bailey)
Length:  24:59 minutes

this blog post goes along with show 01. Some of the links in this post are affiliated links for show host Bailey (www.simplymombailey.com). Commissions may be earned. This post is not sponsored.

An Interview with a Cloth Diaper Dad - Cloth Diapering - Podcasts for Moms

1:37 – Dad’s don’t really cloth diaper, eh?

Talking to dads about cloth diapering just isn’t a thing. It’s just not guy talk

3:11 – What’s your favourite cloth diaper?

I like stuff that takes prefolds or generic inserts – a.k.a cloth diaper covers.

Cloth Diaper Dad doesn’t like all in one cloth diapers or other complicated systems because of poop removal. He specifically mentions the bumGenius Elemental because of its internal design. 

Favourite Cloth Diaper for Dads: Nuggles Tuck-Wrap & Go Covers in a Size 2. Some of Nuggles products are made in Canada.

5:40 – What is the hardest thing about cloth diapering?

Dislike the Most: Eric doesn’t like the stinky bathroom. This is negotiable. We’ve tried a new cloth diaper system using a Mother-ease pail with mesh pail liner to reduce the stink.  He’s tired of stinky and after three years this is the first year he’s made serious complaints

. Biggest Challenge: What do I stick on this kids butt? Especially with all the choices to wear and the two different kids. It’s hard to know what will fit each kid. 

We are transitioning into underwear and potty training

When do you know you’re good to go [with underwear]?

Ready to transition into underwear from cloth training pants during the potty training experience. 

9: 45 – If there was one thing you could tell a cloth diaper sceptic dad what would it be?

Happy Wife, Happy Life.

It’s not that much laundry. Check out this laundry cheat sheet from Modern Bottom Babies to get your wash routine off on the right foot. 

He does most of the poop rinsing in the toilets.

11:47 – What’s the biggest drama you’ve ever heard about cloth diapering?

The lady with the diaper prints. Sometime in 2016, Blueberry Diapers began re-releasing exclusive prints run by retailers. While this was legal and within their contracts, it wasn’t necessarily the best move in regards to maintaining relationships and some brands cut off relationships with Blueberry Diapers. Ever since. Blueberry Diapers has an air of drama around it despite their amazing quality cloth diapers. #heresay.

13:53 – What are you looking forward to once we are done diapering?

Not having any diapers at all.

We are almost done. Pretty much done potty training our 3 year old, and one more year left with our youngest. Might have bribed the big kid to poop on the potty with hot wheels. #notanExpert. 

15:50 – Rapid Fire 5 Questions About Cloth Diapering

Question 1 – Name 3 Different Types of Cloth Diapers.

  • Prefold
  • Flat Cloth Diapers (Blanket)
  • All in One Cloth Diapers

Question 2 – Name 5 Different Brands of Cloth Diapers

Question 3 – Do you know any names of the cloth diaper prints or solids we own.

I have the names I would call them versus what they should actually be called. 

  • Funky Fluff – Germs
  • bumGenius – Pirates
  • GroVia – Old Grandmother Couch – Ophelia
  • Blueberry – Halloween – BooBerry
  • bumGenius – Birds – Harper

Can you Name These Cloth Diapers?

Question 4 – What’s that thing you use to keep a flat closed on a baby?

Errr. No.

Answer: Snappi.

Question 5 – Can you name 3 Cloth Diaper Retailers

Learn more about our trip out East to Central Canada.

Mother-ease Factory

23:00 – What’s you’re one wish for the cloth diaper future?

I would hope cloth diapering continues to be more mainstream.



The Cloth Diaper Podcast is dedicated to sharing everyday stories of diapering. We welcome any and all suggestions for future episodes and encourage you to connect with us for an interview. We’d love to interview what works for you, your favourite cloth diaper, and any words to the wise you have. Send us an email [bailey [at] clothdiaperpodcast [dot] com] or connect with us online: Facebook or Instagram.

Show 01 – Types of Cloth Diapers

Learn the Basic Types of Cloth Diapers #clothdiaper #ecofriendly #podcast #moms #baby

Ready for the world’s most boring mom podcast? I bring to you a very basic monologue dedicated to just me rambling about the basics of cloth diapers. Chances are this weeks episode doesn’t apply to you if you know it all, but if you’re a newbie, and you have some time check it out for a listen and then refer back to these visuals for the full cloth diaper podcast experience. 

Download this episode (right click and save)
Find it on iTunes here. 
Topic: Cloth Diaper Basics

Host: Bailey @ SimplyMomBailey
Cloth Diaper Podcast
Guests: None
Length:  20:39 minutes

this blog post goes along with show 01. Some of the links in this post are affiliated links for show host Bailey (www.simplymombailey.com). Commissions may be earned. This post is not sponsored.

Learn the Basic Types of Cloth Diapers #clothdiaper #ecofriendly #podcast #moms #baby

Styles of Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapering is confusing and overwhelming. There are WAY TOO MANY options for many of us to handle, but here’s a run through of some of the great easy brands.

1:58 — All in One Cloth Diapers

  • One of the easiest cloth diapers.
  • Everything you need in one convenient package.
  • Every brand has a different variation with a sewn in absorbency.

all in one cloth diaper podcast

Examples of All In One Cloth Diapers (AIO Cloth Diapers): Blueberry Simplex, bumGenius Elemental, SmartBottoms 3.1, Thirsties NAIO, TotsBots.

Things to Love about AIO

  • No Fuss.
  • Grab & Go.

Things not to Love About AIO

  • Not so absorbent
  • Expensive
  • Not the right/fit function for baby.
  • Complicated layers of fabric to clean.

Pocket Cloth Diapers

  • Laminated Material Exterior with a pocket opening made out of any sort of material such as fleece or AWJ or Suede.
  • Insert is then added between the fleece and laminated material.
  • The opening can be found at the back of the front.
  • This is my least favourite kind of cloth diaper

pocket cloth diapers

Examples of Pocket Cloth Diapers: AppleCheeks, AMP Cloth Diapers, Blueberry Pocket Cloth Diaper, bumGenius 5.0 (and previous models), Easy Peasies, Imagine Baby Cloth Diaper, Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper, Thirsties Pocket Diaper, “china cheapies” or most “non-compliant brands”

Things to Love

  • Easy to Use
  • Convenient for other people.
  • Customisable absorbency for light or heavy wetters.
  • Easy to Clean & Remove Poop.
  • Stay Dry Insides for Wet sensitive babies.
  • More reasonably affordable.

Things not to Love

  • Microfibre Inserts “standard practice” (Find out more).
  • Fit issues if too much is added, or poor shape/design.
  • Stuffing pocket cloth diapers is a pain.

All in Two Cloth Diapers

  • A hybrid form of cloth diaper that can perform many functions – act as both an AIO & a pocket and/or a cloth diaper cover. Endless combos. 
  • Multi-functional features.
  • Snaps on the inside of the diaper for inserts.

all in two cloth diapers

Examples of All in Two (AI2) Cloth Diapers: Lalabye Baby, Funky Fluff, GroVia Hybrid, Best Bottom System.

Things to Love

  • Natural Fibre Absorbency.
  • Adjustable Absorbency.
  • Multipurpose functionality based on who, what, when and where in your life.
  • Reasonable Price Points.

Things not to Love

  • Tend to fit smaller.
  • Can get pricey when customising for increased absorbency.

Cloth Diaper Covers

  • some sort of material you use over an absorbency.
    • PUL or TPU
    • Wool
    • Fleece.
    • Rubber, and other materials fo time ago.
  • Goes over a fitted cloth diaper or prefold or flat cloth diaper.

cloth diaper cover

Examples of Cloth Diaper Covers: Blueberry Capri or Coverall, Funky Fluff Flex, Flip, GroVia Hybrid, Omaiki Cabrio, Sweet Pea Cover, Imagine Baby Cover, Thirsties Duo Wraps, Lalabye Baby Cover, Sustainable Babyish Wool Covers, HumBird Wool Covers, Fleece Covers

Things to Love

  • Customizable to the baby.
    • lay in an insert.
    • Use over prefold.
    • use over a flat cloth diaper (learn more about types of flats)
    • use over a fitted cloth diaper
  • Cheap.
  • Reusable.
  • Adjustable.
  • Tend to fit bigger.
  • Easy to launder

Things not to Love

  • less user-friendly.
  • not ideal for wet-sensitive babies.

Fitted Cloth Diapers

  • Modern Cloth Diaper but just absorbency and needs a cover.
  • Some have snaps, some need diaper pins.
  • Some have a layer of water barrier for home use.


Brand Examples: Sustainablebabyish, Twinkie Tush, Lily & Frank, HumBird

Things to Love

  • Natural Fibres
  • Perfect for kids with synthetic sensitivities.
  • super absorbent.

Things Not to Love

  • Expensive.
  • Maybe Bulkier.
  • Two-step process needing a cover.

Not discussed: swim diapers, flat cloth diapers, different types of absorbencies, disposable diapers, training pants.

How to Choose a Cloth Diaper Type

Start with a print or pattern you love and go from there.

Every cloth diaper has a loyal fan base, and you really dont know what will work for you until you try it and bring it into your life.

Few ideas to help you navigate what your options are.

  • What’s Your Budget?
  • Who is Changing Baby?
  • What’s Important to You?

If you still don’t know where to start, let’s talk or ask around in a Facebook group dedicated to cloth diapering. No, I don’t have a group. 

Maybe even google “where you live + cloth diapers” and see if there is a parenting/motherhood store or cloth diaper retailer near you. You might be surprised at the retailer options. Forget about Amazon, and find these small shops!

Cloth Diaper Podcast run down.

The Cloth Diaper Podcast is dedicated to sharing everyday stories of diapering. We welcome any and all suggestions for future episodes and encourage you to connect with us for an interview. We’d love to interview what works for you, your favourite cloth diaper, and any words to the wise you have. Send us an email [bailey [at] clothdiaperpodcast [dot] com] or connect with us online: Facebook or Instagram.

Cloth Diaper Podcast Trailer

The Cloth Diaper Podcast

The Cloth Diaper Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to everything cloth diaper.


That’s it.
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The Cloth Diaper Podcast

We’re going to talk about cloth diapers. We’re going to talk about retailers.  We’re going to talk about brands. And we’re going to talk about real everyday stories with everyday mama’s.

Join us weekly, or check us outline here, at clothdiaperpodcast.com.

Listen to this weeks episode here. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review. Not on iTunes, find the feed here. 


I’m not sure we’ve met before.

My name is Bailey, and I blog at www.simplymombailey.com. It’s a parenting blog dedicated to a little bit of everything from parenting, to travel to cloth diapers. A true hodgepodge of sorts.

In real life, I’m just a mom.

I’ve been told I shouldn’t say that.

But I will.

I never thought I would podcast, but I tried that video thing and I’m not so sure about it.

My cloth diaper experience: only 3 years of cloth diapering experience, but I’m a loyal reformed cloth diaper addict. Because the real cloth diaper addict is this mama. 

My favourite cloth diaper system is using a cloth diaper cover and prefold.

Meet Bailey - Flats Challenge

Open Invitation to Join

Seriously, I know we are all introverts but should you want to give me a call on Zoom, let’s do it.

It’ll be a short 10-20-30 minutes with children screaming the background as we talk about your favourite cloth diaper, your biggest mistake, and the one thing you wish you could tell the world. 

I want to share your cloth diapering experience because I think that’ll give a better picture of the cloth diapering experience than just my reviews, or any other bloggers perspectives.

Email me today, or start creeping me on social media – Find me on Facebook or Instagram.

Honest Expectations

I’m not a professional. I don’t even have fancy equipment. This is just a mom in your bedroom trying to find some purpose in my life. I love it. I’m awkward. I’m introverted. And I’m totally ready to get out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait for you to join me.

Why a Cloth Diaper Podcast?

Cloth Diaper Podcast Gear

Can I be the first to admit a cloth diaper podcast does not sound very exciting?  Seriously. Of all the possible topics you could sit down and chat about cloth diapering, it’s kind of a snore, but I’m going to try.

Everyone and their Uncle has suggested I get into video

I tried video, and I’m not digging it. Video requires me to have a clean house. Sure, I could shove the dirt into one corner and pretend the couch is clean, but I’m just not that type of person.

During the 8th Annual Flats & Handwashing Challenge, I tried a few videos (find them on YouTube) and I discovered I loved voice recording over my videos. This give me the push I needed to finally do that podcast thing.

Podcast Love

I really enjoy listening to the radio and podcasts. My husband works long hours, and as a mom of two toddlers (who don’t yet speak), the house is quiet and lonely. Podcasts bring me laughter, smiles, tears, and inspiration when life feels pretty lonely and dismal. The extra noise in the background helps keep things feeling sane without losing my mind.

Check out my favourite mama inspired podcasts. 

I’m no podcast listening expert, and I just catch my favourites on the regular, but I’m excited to listen more, learn more, and join this crazy side of content creation.

Podcast Newbie

That said, I’m pretty much a podcast newbie.

We have a recorder because of my husband’s job and rented a microphone and fancier recorder from the local music shop. With a little work and a lot of garage band editing, I’m getting there.

But, I have a lot to learn.

If you know a thing or two about podcasting leave me a comment. This audio world doesn’t appear to be as simple as push play and record.

I’m looking forward to figuring out how to record an interview. I truly believe cloth diapering is a diverse experience and all of our stories and challenges are worth sharing. Plus, who want’s to listen to me drone on for hours?

Cloth Diaper Podcast Gear
We rented some fancy tech gear to try out and give us an idea of what we might want to invest in. Otherwise, it’s back to our Zoom Recorder and basics for now.

Other Cloth Diaper Podcasts?

Did you know there are other cloth diaper podcasts?

I didn’t. Not until 4 days ago when I asked in a Facebook group. Turns out, I’m not the first to have this great idea.

Check out Cloth Diapers Made Easy (Facebook) by the people at Spray Pal. 

The Cloth Diaper Podcast

Let’s keep things simple and just talk cloth diapering. Serious.

The cloth diaper podcast is your weekly show hosted by Bailey from SimplyMomBailey. Dedicated to everything cloth diaper, I bring you the basics, the struggles, and interviews with your favourite brands, retailers and cloth diapering parents.

Find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Timeline – couple more days before the first goes live, and aiming for June 1 for episode one of the Cloth Diaper Podcast. 


Hello world!

Welcome to the Cloth Diaper Podcast.

This podcast is dedicated to all things cloth diaper. Aimed at keeping you in the loop and connected with brands, retailers and other mamas, the Cloth Diaper Podcast is the next greatest adventure on the web.

Current Status: Coming Soon.

Would you like to join the Cloth Diaper Podcast and share your brand, retailer or story email me at bailey [at] clothdiaperpodcast [dot] com.  Even if you’re just a mama, a brand rep, or a cloth diaper fail out, I’d love to share your story. Give me 10-20 minutes and lets make this happen.