Let’s take on the task of updating the previous Cloth Diaper Favorite’s tag to make it a little more up-to-date and logical in what it’s asking us. This has been around on the YouTube for a few years now, but I would love to encourage bloggers or even Instagram moms to share their cloth diaper favourites in 2019.

new and improved cloth diaper favourites tag


Cloth Diaper 2019 Favorites


Your favourite cloth diaper in your stash.
Your favourite cloth diaper print or solid to ever exist?
Your favourite cloth diaper brand?
Your favourite cloth diaper style? Do you like covers, pockets, fitteds, all in ones, all in two, hybrid, and/or more.
Do you have a favourite cloth diaper fold?
Would you rather Snaps or Hook&Loop?
Favourite Cloth Diaper Fasteners? Boingo, Snappi, Diaper Pins or other.
What’s your overnight strategy?
Favourite Booster, Doubler or Inserts for Cloth Diapers?
Favourite Swim Diaper?
Do you have a favourite diaper cream?
Do you have a favourite wet bag or dirty diaper storage solution?
Now what about those clean diapers, Favourite cloth diaper storage strategy?
What about your favourite wipes? Disposable or Cloth? What’s your favourite cloth wipe and/or solution.
Favourite Retailer to buy Cloth Diapers from?
Favourite Cloth Diaper Blogger/Vlogger/Instagrammer

And of course, share your favourite cloth diaper tip or trick for those new to cloth.


Anything else to add? Drop a comment below. Don’t forget to drop your link below or tag a mom or blogger or vlogger to take part in the 2019 Cloth Diaper Favorites Tag.