Welcome to Day 1 of the 2020 Flats & Handwashing Challenge

Yesterday, many of you did your last load of cloth diaper laundry in your washing machines (or maybe your sneaking it into today’s morning your item, don’t worry I won’t tell). Today, we use flats and the next time we wash, it will be by hand.  

Curious about the stats from the 2019 Flats & Handwashing Challenge 

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Today’s Topic: Why are you participating in the 2020 Flats & Handwashing Challenge?


My youngest daughter potty trained shortly after the 2019 challenge hosted by Cloth Diaper Revival. This year I will not be participating because I do not have diapers to clean. I am excited to be the host of the 2020 challenge because supporting people to learn, share and feel empowered in their cloth diaper journey. I have participated in 2016 to 2019. You can read my past posts, content and videos on my personal blog www.simplymombailey.com 

I might not have a baby – but I do have a bear. 

After the 2019 challenge, Jenny from Cloth Diaper Revival approached me if I would want to host. I was stoked. This was a dream of mine: to be involved in the community by supporting an annual event. I was excited to breathe my life and soul into this, but then covid hit. You know what I realized? This challenge doesn’t need razzle dazzle, it just needs authentic participation and the bringing together of the clothing diaper community. And that’s exactly what happens every single year.

This challenge is about sharing the affordability of cloth diapering and how accessible it is for families around the world. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the latest brands and the trendiest innovations, but the conversations can make cloth diapering feel exclusive to those with privilege to learn the languages, the finances to buy fancy diapers, and the ability to integrate it into our routine.

Every year the flats challenge urges me to be humble and remember that cloth diapering is for everyone because there are so many ways to cloth diaper that work for a variety of lifestyles.
This year I scrapped a few rules because I always wondered -but why? Some of those things is the difference between someone considering cloth and be completely turned off on it. I scrapped rules not because I don’t respect the legacy Kim Rosas from Dirty Diaper Laundry built, but because I want to recognize the ever changing cloth diaper space to acknowledge that stories are grey, not this or that.
So please, focus less on the rules and more on the experience and lessons to be learnt. Focus on how you can encourage and recommend cloth diapering to friends and family who don’t have access to resources, and focus on how we can make the conversation of cloth diapering inclusive instead of exclusive.
We all come with different stories, backgrounds and experiences and I am so excited to learn from y’all this week and in the weeks to come. 
Bailey Bouwman
Host of the 2020 Flats Challenge
Previous Challenges

2020 Values

This challenge is about the conversation of Diaper Need – and the practicalities of repurposing materials, buying cheap or used, and washing without regular access to electric washing/drying facilities. 

Let this thought shape your conversations, your intent, and your passion behind this year’s challenge.  


You are welcomed to share your why here. I have taken a moment and shared a few reasons why people are participating on this webpage, but unfortuantely did not get it completed before the challenge.

If you blog, vlog, or create content elsewhere, please share your links in the comment section. This will be how we do the link up this year. I’ll be approving comments periodically during the day.

If you want to just share your experience as a comment, that is very much encouraged too.


    • ClothDiaperMom

      Ruzelle I love your story and can’t wait to see you shine <3

      • Ruzelle

        Thank you Bailey! I’m really excited about this and I hope someone out there finds me doing this helpful.

    • ClothDiaperMom

      So excited to have you here for the challenge Tyisha!

  1. Sarita Lee

    Thank u for hosting this challenge. ❤️ I’m excited for the coming week! My handles are:
    Youtube- Sarita’s Stash
    Facebook: Sarita Elizabeth Lee
    Instagram: Lee.Sarangi.Makeup

    • ClothDiaperMom

      Take care lady! I hope your teeth heal for you and know that it’s okay to take a break to heal.

  2. Tai

    This is my first year participating. I have been looking forward to this since l found out last year

    • ClothDiaperMom

      Thank you for sharing your why. I hope we can find a way to support people with diapering solutions this week that work with them.

  3. Jay’s Nest

    This is my third time participating and most likely my last.

    This challenge made me fall in love with flats. It gave me a new appreciation for flats. And now I advocate for flats!

    Here’s the video I did on today’s topic: WHY I am doing the F&HWC

    • ClothDiaperMom

      Lasts are so bittersweet <3

  4. Miranda Surratt

    I don’t really create content I am just a cloth diaper advocate. I help in our community teaching 101 and sharing resources. I am very vocal to people around me on cloth diapering lol. I am sharing my experience this year on my Facebook and on my Instagram. I don’t have a way with words like some of these lovely people, but I get my point across. I’ll figure out ig tagging eventually lol. Your doing an amazing job, thank you for your kind words to all and wonderful support as a host.

    • ClothDiaperMom

      Its so helpful as a local advocate to know how and understand the privileges that come with these ideas, suggestions and more. So great to have you and I hope you learn lots this that enables you to be a better advocate and resource for your community <3



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