Day 2 – Your Stash

Some of you may have washed a few loads of diapers by now, and some of you may still be waiting for one big wash tonight or tomorrow. That is okay. There is no right way to do this. It is whatever works for you. Check out yesterday’s post.

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Topic: What materials will you be using? And how much did it cost?

What I love most about the flats challenge is it brings a resurgence to the conversation of natural fibres. Now, today in 2020, the talk of natural fibre cloth diapers is increasing, but it hasn’t always been this way. I think back to 2015 when I started cloth diapering, and the prevalence of microfibre – you didn’t really have choice and the conversation of replacing microfibre was on the downlow.
But now many new cloth diaper brands offer only natural fibres, and many cheap brands allow you to purchase diapers without the insert. In my opinion, this is the cultural shift we need in this community because microfibre can be a difficult textile for many families.

Over the years, I have experimented with a few different types of stashes.
There is no right or wrong way to do this challenge. Some of us have the budget to afford luxury flats and some of us don’t. It doesn’t make anyone better than,it just is. I think In this story we can talk about the accessibilty of cloth diaper materials. How, where and what to buy.


If you do need to buy things, there are amazing retailers around the world selling natural fibre flats and prefolds for cloth diapering. Here’s a few of my favourite retailers to refer people too:
You can also repurpose materials you find a at your local kitchen and bath section – if it’s 100% cotton (or nearabouts) use it as a diaper. You really don’t need the fancy retailers or brands to have flats… but maybe for covers?
Yes, what about covers
First, you can use flats with pockets. Pockets are just fancy covers, no? I’m going to use the term covers from here on out, but know that I mean any sort of waterproof shell that can be used as a cloth diaper including pockets, covers, wool covers, fleece covers.

Sourcing covers is not as easy as rummaging the house. Though, you can fasten a cover out of repurposed fleece – check out this simple tutorial. This is the step where you need to find cloth diaper makers, retailers and communities.
  • You can buy new from cloth diaper retailers, like those aforementioned, or others.
  • You can buy new direct from cloth diaper brands – there are so many brands.
  • You can buy new direct from sites like AliExpess, but urge you caution in reading description and reviews. I usually recommend staying away from the $2 products.
  • You can buy used or second hand from other parents in cloth diaper swap pages on Facebook, marketplace, or even local baby BUY/SELL/TRADE groups
  • You can reach out to a lending library or cloth diaper bank
  • You have options, and I can’t wait to read about them this week.

The cost of a cloth diaper stash made from flats will really vary – some of us come into this challenge using the products we already own and maybe we spent a lot of money on that stash because we had the privilege and good fortune to do so. Maybe we spent nothing on that stash. That is also okay.

As you read peoples cost estimates know there is always a way to hack the system and that some of us will spend nothing and some of us might spend upwards of $300-500 on flats. You do you, and find the stash that works for your family on this wild journey – that’s the most impotant thing.

What about the other things…. it’s not just as easy as flats and covers? Is it Bailey?

The rest is just gizmos and gadgets to simplify things that irritate is. It’s not a must have or must do. And while I think you can get away without much, it’s also important to talk about the things that make this feel impossible to possible. I want you to think about that come day 6&7. What is really needed to make this work for you and your family and why?

2020 Values

This challenge is about the conversation of Diaper Need – and the practicalities of repurposing materials, buying cheap or used, and washing without regular access to electric washing/drying facilities. 

Let this thought shape your conversations, your intent, and your passion behind this year’s challenge.  


You are welcomed to share your stash, your questions about sourcing stashes, and more in the comments section below. 

If you blog, vlog, or create content elsewhere, please share your links in the comment section. This will be how we do the link up this year. I’ll be approving comments periodically during the day.

If you want to just share your experience as a comment, that is very much encouraged too.


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