Day 3 – Lets’ Talk About Folds

But first, I see that some of you are struggling. Know that it’s okay and part of the process of accessing and understanding the privilege of diapering, access to resources, and laundry facilities. 

It’s okay if you need a plan B. It’s okay if you swap to part time. It’s okay if you keep going. Find what works for you and own it. But, you read that in today’s email. I’m running a little behind, expect more video and photo content on this later today

Curious about the stats from the 2019 Flats & Handwashing Challenge 

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Today’s Topic: Share your favourite flat fold.


I am some excited to read about what your favourite fold is and why. I think this is just another reminder that cloth diapering is diverse and what works for one family doesn’t always jive with another.  

Today, I thought I would share with you a few things I learnt I could do with flat folds to work for my baby. This is also a reminder that you don’t have to follow the fold exactly, you can tweak it and make adjustments to get it trimmer or more absorbent where you need it. Nobody is grading your folding skills, and yes your first few folds will look sloppy – just add a cover, no one will know. 

1. Double up flats – two flat diaper slayed together and then folded distributes the bulk differently. This is great for nights, naps and other heavy wetter situations. 

2. Adjust the rise by folding the mid section longer or shorter. Many folds have a step that influences the overall length of the diaper. You have the power to make this the way you need it. 

3. Tie long wings instead of using a fastener

4. Fold in the wings – for a trimmer fit in the front, if you don’t want to ties, you can fold the wing in on itself bringing the edges to the back of the diaper and fastening at the fold seam. 

5. Jelly roll that bum- or keep folding to make a narrow bum. A lot of folds have big wide bums, but a few little rolls or folds along the bum edge and you can trim that right up to fight better into a diaper and give a little extra something for keeping poop into the diaper. If you roll and pull the extra material to the front ties this can help ensure you get a better fit. 

6. Add boosters or additional absorbent material in the mid section – you can either fold it in or lay it on top.

These are my favourite tricks that I use to make flat folds work for me. My flat folds are rarely neat and perfect. They usually look like a hot mess and that is a-okay too. Put a cover over top and it all works the same.

2020 Values

This challenge is about the conversation of Diaper Need – and the practicalities of repurposing materials, buying cheap or used, and washing without regular access to electric washing/drying facilities. 

Let this thought shape your conversations, your intent, and your passion behind this year’s challenge.  


You are welcomed to share your why here. I have taken a moment and share your favourite flat fold and why.

If you blog, vlog, or create content elsewhere, please share your links in the comment section. This will be how we do the link up this year. I’ll be approving comments periodically during the day.

If you want to just share your experience as a comment, that is very much encouraged too.


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