Day 6 – Your biggest surprise or challenge about this week, flats, or hand washing

I have a secret – I have been doing these in advance all week, but I never got to today, so here I am way past my bedtime compiling a blog for today – I might not write anything. I don’t even know. It’s weird just hosting and not participating, I don’t have the same experiences as you. And I really want to save space for all the amazing experiences being had and shared – which is why I really want you leaving your blog links below so that I can share them, and that when people come to this blog post in google, Pinterest, or via twitter, they can read and click through to you. 

Curious about the stats from the 2019 Flats & Handwashing Challenge 

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Today’s Topic: Your biggest surprise or challenge?


I was worried about cloth diaper gate-keeping – that certain cloth diaper philosophies would dominate the conversation and keep people from sharing their lived experiences.

But that has not happened – yet.

And it makes me so excited and pumped to see so many cloth diaper parents support and cheer on other parents by offering suggestions and encouragement that they need. This has filled my heart with so much joy.

This is a surprise to me because as a member of the cloth diaper community for years I have been witness to, and involved in, D-R-A-M-A. The kind that tears people down through internet bullying. So my hope and aspiration for the cloth diaper community waffles at times. I am constantly worried that we are building bullies not creating champions. But, this week, I have witnessed so many champions be created and encouraged to speak their voices, speak their experiences, and do what works best for their families.


That is my surprise. And I look forward to watching all of you are writing or filming your experience to continue to do so and grow into cloth diaper leaders  – that doesn’t mean you have to be a beautiful blogger, or perfect videographer. It just means you keep sharing your stories, experiences and reaching out to new families to let them know that cloth is a choice.

The first battle is knowing it’s a choice.

The second is learning about cloth.

The third is feeling empowered and supported to cloth diaper.

… I could probably go on about the steps that I’ve made up in my mind for this list, but it really does start with sharing stories, sharing experiences, and letting people know it’s even a choice. Because how many of you reading this today didn’t know cloth diapering was a thing till a friend told you? So many of you.

Share your Story?

As we finish up this challenge I would like to put it out there that I do accept guest posts on this blog. I believe in creating space to share stories. If you want to share a written perspective, have a post re-published that you wrote this week, or other idea, reach out to me. This is the page I have dedicated to guest posts, and heres’ a few example.

I also know that writing is not everyone’s strong suit. If you want to share your story – I have a podcast and we chat about cloth diapering experiences from parents and brands around the world. We’ve done all sorts of stories this year with just every day parents like you. Recording is touch-and go right now, but again just email me. You need stable internet or dial in. That’s about it.


Bailey Bouwman
Host of the 2020 Flats Challenge
Previous Challenges

2020 Values

This challenge is about the conversation of Diaper Need – and the practicalities of repurposing materials, buying cheap or used, and washing without regular access to electric washing/drying facilities. 

Let this thought shape your conversations, your intent, and your passion behind this year’s challenge.  


You are welcomed to share your challenges here.

If you blog, vlog, or create content elsewhere, please share your links in the comment section. This will be how we do the link up this year. I’ll be approving comments periodically during the day.

If you want to just share your experience as a comment, that is very much encouraged too.

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