dreams for 2021

The Cloth Diaper Community

I’m curious about what YOU predict in the Cloth Diaper community and marketplace in 2021.

Here’s what I dream – just a far fetched dream…
🌟 Boutique Cloth Diaper Retailers offering a more diverse selection of cloth diaper brands. Right now so many brands are selling direct without retailers, and they need more homes.

🧚‍♀️ Brands, Bloggers, Retailers – reach out to your local business support groups for funding, grants and support. I’ve been able to tap into some great training resources for social media and mentorship through this. Stop doing this alone, you don’t have to, own your power.

👩‍🏭 Creative ideas in providing support that looks like empowerment and encouraging diversity with the cloth diaper community. I look forward to more fun things like cloth diaper childrens books and coloring pages.

👩‍💻 More acknlowedgement that admin, bloggers, and thought leaders in this space are just people, not rule makers, and that a few bad experiences doesn’t mean the product is a complete fail. I feel like in humbling the humanity of admin, websites and creators like me, we can reinforce that there is no right answer to anything and accept that sometimes things look different for different people.

🤩 I dream of a world where co-ops don’t infringe on trademarks and patents, and poorly designed cloth diaper brands don’t hog up the advertising space on the internet.

🤝 More inclusivity and collaborations with a wide and diverse array of cloth diaper families. I want to see more Black Owned Cloth Diaper brands, I want to see collaborations with Indigenous Artists, and I wanted to see these voices own their power and leadership they deserve.

That’s a few things I’m thinking of, what are you dreaming off? Maybe it’s a new brand, or trend, or some prints you think will make it big? Do you think people are considering cloth? Do you see the shift of power?

Most Importantly 🌟🌟🌟🌟 What’s happening around you and your friends/family and cloth diapering?