Earth Day Advertising Opportunities

Looking for a premium advertising spot on the Cloth Diaper Podcast Directory? Or maybe just a little extra help over the next couple months in brand recognition? Cloth Diaper Podcast advertising selection this year… I reserve the right to cancel advertising promotions, and refund money if the brands values do not align with my own. I will not promote or share stolen artwork, unlicensed prints, and other known trademark infringements.

Bonus: anyone who pays for advertising packages for Earth Day 2022, will be featured in a special “Cloth Diaper Brands you should check out this year” video published to my YouTube Channel. Much like this one about 5 Black Brands you should know about. 

Looking for something else? We can also do a giveaway, Facebook campaign, general review content & promotion for blogs/youtube, and so much more. The Cloth Diaper Podcast is open to negotiating and making it work for you and your business. Together, let’s amplify your brand as one of many choices this month bringing brand recognition to the foreground of the cloth diaper community on Cloth Diaper Podcast channels. 

Statistics & Numbers

The Cloth Diaper Podcast is a unique cloth diaper advertising platform connecting you directly with cloth diaper parents around the world. Get in front of the leading influencers, brands and retailers for this April to remind people that you are amazing. 

  • Earth Day 2021, 1,014 Users, or about 841 unique sessions, visited the Earth Day 2021 Sale Directory for an average of five minutes. 
  • Email list: 674 with 41% open rate (recently cleaned my list)
  • TikTok: 2,061 followers, growing at an average rate of 5% per week, with 96K video views in the month of February, nearly 5,000 likes, 44 shares, and 660 comments. 
  • Instagram: 12.3 K followers, smaller growth of less than 1%, reaching 22.6K accounts in the last month.
  • YouTube: 2.32 Followers, 9.6K views over 474 hours in the past month.
  • Facebook: 3,000 Followers. 

My Audience: across platforms my audience is approximately 75% USA, 12% Canadian, 5% UK, 5% AUS/NZ, and then global. My audience is 90% women between the ages of 20-40, who are either passionate about cloth diapers, or curious. Increasingly, influencing other influencers and cloth diaper leaders to consider products, and connect with brands. 

Social Media Add-On’s – Available in a separate purchase option. 

Looking for something more? A new and better way to amplify your brand awareness and have people thinking about you in the months of March and April? Consider adding on any of these opportunities:

Bonus 2: Sign up for everything for VIP, IG & Tiktok Promotions, and receive a free promotional advert on an upcoming show of the Cloth Diaper Podcast (valued at $75 USD). You do not get to choose the show, it will be at my discretion.