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Absorbency List

List of absorbency numbers for different cloth diapers. 

Bamboo or Hemp?

Comparison of absorbency

Microfibers Dirty Secret

Why I don’t use microfiber inserts.

  1. Hemp inserts or fitted diapers are the most absorbent diapers. 
    1. False: just because a product is a hemp blend does not automatically mean it is more absorbent than similar products without hemp. We must understand that cloth diaper products vary drastically and different blends, weaves, and weights across textiles outperform one another. 
  2. Rayon of Bamboo is the greenest textile choice. 
    1. False: processing bamboo stalk into a textile is a chemical process that relies on a toxic and dangerous chemical known as carbon disulfide. If this chemical is mismanaged it is environmentally devastating. Bamboo is largely greenwashed. Look for bamboo manufactured in a closed loop system.
  3. All Hemp cloth diaper inserts shrivel and warp.
    1. False: Not all, only those with a weave that allows for it. Depending on how the fabric is weaved influences it’s performance in the wash and any shrinkage that may happen. Not all hemp inserts will shrink. 
  4. Flour Sack towels are a great choice for heavy wetters.
    1. Ehhhhh: there is no industry standard for the definition of a heavy wetter, but generally I consider it anything more than 10 oz during a 2 hour daytime period. Second, FST generally hold 8-10 oz. They can be a great choice for families looking for a budget friendly addition to their diaper stash that is not prone to compression and can be customized. They definitely can be better than what you have.
  5. There is a specific way to layer inserts for best performance
    1. Questionable: because each products performance varies and each child’s needs are different, there isn’t a hard or fast rule that you must layer them a specific way. I would encourage you to be open to new possibilities and layer or wrap products in different combos until you find what works best for you.