It’s International Cat Day.

Do you love cats?

Apparently 41% of the population likes cats a lot. That’s not a lot.

Probably why there are not a whole lot of cat cloth diapers. These aren’t cloth diapers for cats. No, these are cloth diapers with cats on it.

Here’s a list of cat cloth diapers I know about, drop me a comment if you know of any. This post does contain affiliate links to brands and retailers I work with under SimplyMomBaileySome of these cloth diapers will no longer be available new as they might have been limited, exclusives, or no longer in production. You can find them on the buy and sell and other spaces on the internet people sell cloth diapers.

CATitude by bumGenius

This limited editition bumGenius cloth diaper rolled out in the June 2017 CottonBabies Collector box .

CATitude Cloth Diaper by bumGenius - Cat Cloth Diaper

Caturday by Applecheeks

This 2016 cat inspired print is probably not available new from AppleCheeks.

Caturday by Applecheeks Cat Cloth Diapers

Fur Real by Smart Bottoms

Kittens by Blueberry

This 2015 Blueberry & Me release is just about kitty awesome.

Kittens by Blueberry Cat Cloth Diaper

Meow by Borrowed Planet

This is circa 2015 or earlier, but this Borrowed Planet cat cloth diaper is perfection in every sense. Good luck finding one.

Meow by Borrowed Planet - Cat Cloth Diaper

Playful by Buttons

This is an older print from Buttons, find it used.

Playful Buttons

Purrrfect by GroVia

This limited edition GroVia cloth diaper came out as an April Fools Joke many years ago. It was made a reality in 2017 with limited stock at retailers. This cloth diaper features a cat riding a unicorn. It’s weird.

Purrfect by GroVia - Cat Cloth DIapers

Raining Cats & Dogs by Lalabye Baby 

Do you love cats and dogs, then this Lalabye Baby is for you. It’s Raining Cats and Dogs released in 2017 and might still be available.

It's Raining Cats & Dogs by Lalabye Baby - Cat Cloth Diaper

Scarredy Cat by Nicki’s

Embrace a little halloween with this cat inspired cloth diaper from Nicki’s Diapers. 

Scaredy Cat Cloth Diaper by Nickis Diapers - Cat Cloth Diapers

Know of any other cat themed cloth diapers? Drop a comment below and fill us in. I’ll update the list as I find time, but help the others who stop by.

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Cloth Diapers with Cats for International Cat Day