Now that I’ve done absorbency numbers for cheaper wholesale style cloth diapers, the numbers on this fitted cloth diaper aren’t super impressive. However, not everyone buys diapers because of a price tag and cost per ounce. Some of us are lured by stories, promises of responsible manufacturing and textile sourcing. 

I had been dreaming of buying a Nuggles Fitted Cloth Diaper for nights forever because my cloth diaper confident loved them. When her kid finally destashed I got my hands on one and i was thoroughly imprssed. I bought a few more on a seconds sale and it was my go-to night solution for my oldest who was a heavier wetter. I use it less on my youngest because she gets by with a size 2 3 ply bamboo prefold. 

I’m talking about the Nuggles BambooLUXE Fitted Cloth Diaper with Overnight insert. This is a premium velour bamboo cloth diaper. And I was harsh on the velour fitted that I had previously but this isn’t eve comparable. That velour felt cheap, this velour feels sturdy soft, and holds up impeccably after 2-3 years of heavy use. There’s a reason why premium fabrics exist. And yes, this diaper might be out of price budget for some, but it might work for you and might just be what you need. It’s okay to like things that are made with noticeably better products. 

This diaper is available in two sizes. This is the size for 15-40lbs. It is a stay-stay-soft bamboo/organic cotton diaper with a 4 layer contour soaker booster. In hand you can just feel the quality difference. While the absorbency difference is minimal the quality is there. 

An additional soaker of 8 layers of bamboo/organic cotton fleece can be purchased and added to the diaper for additional absorbency. 

Nuggles Fitted Cloth Diaper Absorbency

Now to the absorbency of this product – I triple test, full saturation of all my diapers. My experience is my experience only and yours might differ. 

The Diaper itself held an average of  11.6 ounces after test results of 11, 12.2 and 11.5 ounces. 

The booster held an average of 4.7 ounces following a 4.7, 4.4 and 5 ounce test. 

This means that diaper with booster is 16.3 ounces total and comparable to the size 2 3 ply Nuggles Insert.

Costs of the Nuggles Fitted Cloth Diapers

At 24.99 regular price that’s $1.53 per ounce. Which, yes is the same price as the Sweet Pea Fitted Diaper I reviewed earlier this year. The difference between that diaper and this diaper is that the Nuggles never shrunk on me, still fits my kids, and has held up impeccably well. 

To make the diaper overnight worthy you add the overnight insert for $7.99. This 8 layer long tongue insert snaps in offering an average of 8ounces of absorbency boosting the total absorbency to 24 ounces. At 8 ounces for $8 is $1 an ounce on par with other inserts and boosters of this quality and calibre specifically for a product like this. 

You can buy this is a 2 pack for overnights for $64.99. This includes the overnight inserts and works out to be $1.35 per ounce and a great steal of a deal. Americans, that’s about $50 for two overnight diapers with the exchange rate. You can buy Nuggles direct shipped anywhere in the world with free shipping over $100. 

How does it Compare?

We will have to do some testing of Sloomb Fitted diapers in the future to see how it compares with other premium textile products. I would place this in the same quality as sloomb. I have this really old one which looks in rough shape but I think it’s actually held up well and love that I can still use it today.