ABSORBENCY TEST: AMP Diaper Inserts & Boosters

Is hemp or bamboo inserts more absorbent for cloth diapering?

Today we are looking at the AMP Inserts & AMP Boosters.I thought this would be a good place to start because one of the myths I want to debunk (and I believe many other bloggers have)is that hemp inserts are more absorbent and should be preferred over bamboo or cotton inserts. AMP makes industry standard blends of two-layer hemp and two-layer bamboo boosters.

Yes, I know the blend of hemp is different than the blend of bamboo, but that argument is not valid in my opinion because these are cloth diaper industry standard blends. Majority of hemp inserts are a 45% blend of hemp, and the majority of bamboo inserts are a 70% blend. It’s unfair to say to cloth diaper community 100% hemp versus 100% bamboo is more absorbent because that type of insert is not available on the market. When we say hemp is more absorbent than bamboo, we need to be talking about the inserts and blends that are available. This statement tells parents (and I’ve seen it in the groups) to buy the hemp over the bamboo because it is implied that the insert is more absorbent. However, it’s also more expensive, stiff, and slow to absorb. 

Is hemp or bamboo inserts more absorbent for cloth diapering?

How I Absorbency Test?

Check out this post, and it’s a video for the full details. The basics, I’m soaking for a minute and then testing results 3 times after drip drying.

I also do a squeeze number which varies in its consistency, but I do find it gives me a perspective on compression, and what the real life would be. These are maximum saturation numbers complimented with a squeeze number for a vague sort of real-life experience, compression results.

AMP Insert Absorbency

There are three different types of inserts made by AMP Cloth Diapers, and they are a Rectangular insert. 

These results are in Canadian dollars since this is a Canadian product without an American retailer, as far as my knowledge goes. Prices may change and are not guaranteed. This is a product that is known to have a 10-15% sale including on Black Friday on Earth Day (speculation). AMP Bamboo/Cotton Insert AbsorbencyAMP 2 Layer Hemp Insert Absorbency AMP 3 Layer Hemp Insert Absorbency

What does this tell us? That Hemp & Bamboo products are not noticeably different in absorbency. If you look at 8.7 ounce Bamboo verus 8.8 ounce Hemp, that’s not enough for me to make any claim that hemp is more absorbent than bamboo products. However, breaking down the prices of these products it’s obvious which one we should buy and which one we shouldn’t if we are purely on a cost per ounce basis.

But cost per ounce is not the entire reason to decide on an insert. Yes, the 3 Layer AMP Hemp is cheap, however it is fluffy, and kinda rough, and a little thick when prepped. I don’t typically reach for this but there are many people who do love it. That has been my personal experience with the product. I also find it small.

AMP Booster Absorbency

I consider a booster anything under 5 ounces of absorbency. Boosters and doublers are the same thing. When thinking about boosters you should know they are intended to be added to your cloth diaper absorbency and not used alone. If you can use one alone, congratulations you have a fairy light wetter.

Again these are Canadian prices at the time of posting early in 2019. These products do go on sale regularly and pricing may fluctuate from retailer to retailer and within countries.

Boosters are smaller products designed with a purpose in mind. While it might be less product more work goes into creating these products and they are going to be a different price point compared to larger products.

AMP 2 Layer Bamboo Booster - How much does it hold?

 How much does it hold? - AMP 2 Layer Hemp Booster

How much does it hold? - AMP 3 Layer Hemp Booster


Again we see a discrepancy between the idea of a Hemp Insert holding more than a bamboo insert.  The price per ounce suggests that Hemp products with AMP are cheaper but this is only related to this brand.

Decide what works for you and meets your needs.

This post is not intended to suggest one product is better than another, it’s just breaking down the facts and interpreations of a somewhat pseudo science kitchen experiment. You decide for yourself what works for you and your family.

which is more absorbent for cloth diapers? Hemp or Bamboo Inserts?

If you’re looking to buy AMP products, I might suggest looking at these Canadian affiliated retailers (that means there is a comission earned which allows me to continue to create content for you with products you are curious about).

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