Now, the thing with this insert is it’s really inconsistent but consistent. Over the past month, I have countless washes and absorbency tests I can’t get it to absorb anymore or any less. Inconsistencies is not common. I have tested multiples of other things, and never noticed such a drastic difference between two different products.

How I absorbency test. 

One of these inserts holds 6.3 ounces every single time, and the other holds an average of 7.5 ounces with variations of .4 of an ounce. This is oddly consistent but also speaks to some of the discrepancies you can experience between products. One ounce is a fair difference between products in my opinion, but that’s my reflection.

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This is 4 layers of hemp, for $3 USD or $4 CAD. That works out to be 63 cents Canadian, or 48 cents American. The Canadian exchange rate will fluctuate with life.

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