This is an interesting cloth diaper because it’s a weird shape, and it’s a little feels a little bit pricey. If I had not bought these for $2 CDN each on the buy and sell market, I might have never tried them. Now, anytime I see them pop up, I tag a friend or scoop them myself. 

The Flip Diapers Organic Daytime Insert is sold in 3-pck for $21.95 USD and works out to $7.32 USD each. The Canadian price point on this is $27.95 or $9.30. If we look at other flats or prefolds in the made in North America category this is on the cheaper side coming in below Smart Bottoms and Geffen Baby and above AppleCheeks, Nuggles & AMP Diaper Prefolds, however, it is just a cotton flat.  There’s no indication about it’s origin online but according to the label it is made in the USA. 

What Is It?

The Flip Diapers Organic Daytime Insert is a 100% organic cotton flat. It is made with Oeko-Tex Certified Organic Cotton (that’s just a fancy certification program to say it’s free from over 300 chemicals). 

It’s a single layer in a rectangular shape. This is not your traditional flat square shape. It’s an odd shape. If you’re wondering how to fold it, I did do a blog post on it, but basically just fold it however you want so it gets into a rectangle. There are no rules people. 

Let’s Talk Absorbency. 

My absorbency tests are not perfect. I am taking a full saturation number to showcase the peak capacity of the material. This might not be reflective for you. This is my experience with the product and different experiences will change. Not everyone has this experience. If you want to learn how I do these tests check out my how to video. 

I did get a relatively consistent reading on this but I did have a variation of one ounce. I consider one ounce the max variation before I will continue to do more absorbency tests. I will do a pour over of the average to see how it performs at peak capacity. 

This diaper absorbed 9.3 ounces, 9.7 ounces, and 9.7 ounces. While I have two of these, this was the same insert each time. Which is an average of 9.2 ounces, and a cost of 78 cents USD or $1.01. This is comparable to other Made in the USA prefold and flat products as we’ve seen in other videos. 

I will be getting the overnight version in the weeks to come to experiment with. 

And now for a little experiments. These are just for your viewing pleasure, I hope you take what you can and learn how the textile might perform. 

I also have two of these, so in the video we will see how it performs to absorbing 5 ounces of water, as well as how it compresses. 

Where to buy Cloth Diapers

You can buy cloth diapers at any of these affiliate retailers. Check them out for selection.

LagoonBaby (Canada)

Cloth Diaper Kids (Canada)