Exciting day here at the Cloth Diaper Podcast because y’all have been asking for Geffen Baby numbers and I’ve been putting it off. I own a few Geffen Baby products but not all of them. Truthfully, not my favourite product in my stash, but I believe that Geffen Baby offers a unique answer in the market place. 

I have hoped to talk with Geffen Baby, but haven’t heard back. Feel free to put a bug in their ear because we would love to know more and learn about hemp production and maufacturing. 

Anyways, today we are looking at the size small and the size medium Geffen Baby Jersey Prefolds. I did receive these for free for a review over on my personal blog. Check out that review here. 

The Jersey Prefold is 4 layers of knitted 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton. It is a bit of a weird size if you compare it to traditional prefolds. The small is suggested for small diapers and infants, and the medium is for M/L diapers and crawlers/walkers. 

They also sell a fleece prefold. I have not tried these. 

Now lets talk about absorbency. Geffen Baby does have absorbency estimates listed on their website and my spoiler alert is that all the products I’ve tested come back the same. I like that. To me it says what I’m doing is working and that Geffen Baby is creating a solid resource for you as a consumer. I do a pour over test mid way and this will help show you how these textiles perform. In my personal experience I find that GeffenBaby does perform well and not painstakingly slow like hemp is alluded to perform. 

I triple test with full saturation. This is my experience with the product and remember that just evaluating the total absorbency or cost per ounce is just another piece in the puzzle in uncovering a product that works best for you. There are a lot of reasons to cloth diaper and if American manufactured high quality hemp is for your then it’s for you. 

what I do love about the Geffen Baby Products is they are consistent. This is a product that performs near identically with each absorbency test. Sometimes I get variations of upwards of 1-2 ounces, but this was within half an ounce every time. 

Let’s talk numbers, the Absorbency of Geffen Baby Prefolds

GeffenBaby claims the small holds 9-10 ounces and they are on track. My numbers were a bit higher but still the ball park of 10.7, 10.5 and 10.2 ounces for an average of 10.5 ounces. 

This product is $12.95 CAD per prefold working out to a $1.23 CAD per ounce. This is slightly higher canadian per ounce price point. But not drastically higher, just top of the spectrum. They aren’t out for lunch or anything crazy. If you buy from Geffenbaby this prefold is listed at $9.91 USD for 94 cents per ounce. This is the same cost per ounce as the small Thirsties prefold which is a hemp blend product. 

The Medium is a claim of 12-13 ounces and my numbers come back at 13.7, 13.9 and 13.9 ounces for an average of 13.8 ounces. 

This product retails for $15.95 CAD and works out to $1.17 CAD per ounce. I feel that’s totally reasonable cost per ounce for the product in hand. In the USD this is $11.72 on Geffen Baby website for 85  cents an ounce comparing e exactly the same per ounce to a large Thirsties duo prefold. 

Love or hate? Tell me about your Geffen Baby Prefold Experiences below.