I haven’t used these fitted cloth diapers on my children because I just don’t have enough hours of the day, but I am popping on to talk to you about their absorbency. 

I ordered three fitted cloth diapers from Happy Flute to take a look at how they wash up and absorb because that’s the kind of science I just love to do. 

All absorbency testing is full saturation numbers. Learn more here. Your experience might be different.

OS Bamboo Velour Fitted Cloth Diaper.

The first one is this blue one – it is the OS Bamboo Velour Fitted Cloth Diaper. It was $9.20 USD or $12.30 with the exchange rate at the time of ordering. I now see the cost has gone up to $11.50. That must be the life. This diaper is bamboo cotton inner, a velour outer. It comes with two inserts, and truth be told I have no idea which inserts belong to which diaper. It’s almost impossible for me to tell at this point because I forgot to label them assuming I would remember but I don’t remember. It comes with one snap insert and one regular insert. They are both 2 layers of bamboo cotton with one layer of microfibre. 

Diaper – 12.2, 11.9, 12.0

Insert – 4.9, 4.6, 4.3

Booster – 5, 5.3, 4.4

  • 19.56 ounces overall absorbency. 

At today’s pricing that’s 61 cents per ounce. 

OS Bamboo Cotton Fitted Cloth Diaper.

The second one is the white one with blue stitching and it was $9.60 USD  ($12.85 CDN) but is now $12 each ($16 CDN). This diaper is again a double bamboo/cotton shell, with two inserts. One insert is bamboo cotton and microfibre, and the other one is bamboo velour and two layers of bamboo cotton. 

Diaper – 11.1, 12, 11.8

Insert – 4.7, 4.8, 3.9

Booster -4, 3.4, 3.3

Total – 21 ounces

At today’s pricing about 60 cents per ounce. 

I REALLY WANT TO CLARIFY THAT THOUGH I DID GET THE BOOSTERS MIXED UP I STILL FEEL CONFIDENT SUGGESTING THIS DIAPER CAN HOLD BETWEEN 18-21 OUNCES. This claim is just a suggested reference that may change based on your experience. I feel this is a solid absorbency reference to help base your purchasing decisions on. 

Happy Flute Hemp Fitted Diaper

Again, I only paid $9.60 for this diaper and it’s now $12 USD. It is a 2 layer hemp diaper with a snap insert with 3 layers of hemp. I featured this diaper in my boil video and did not notice any increase in absorbency with washing it countless times this month.  It does not indicate the hemp cotton ratio. It is not 100% hemp, and likely a 55% hemp + 45% cotton blend like other products on their site. 

Diaper Absorbency Numbers – 10.8 – 9.5 – 9.6 

Insert – 5.1, 5, 5.2

for a total average of 15 ounces. 

That works out to be 80 cents per ounce, and 5 ounces less than the bamboo counterpart. 

These diapers lived in my laundry room for weeks as they constantly hit the washing with each load. Truthfully, I have seen zero fluctuation in absorbency since the first week of January despite constant washing. To me this suggests the diaper does reach max capacity with only a few washes.