Today we are going to take a look at the Hemp Babies line up of products. I’m going to break this into two different videos because I believe in shorter videos for the content you’re actually looking for. This one is for the Flat and the 2 sizes of prefolds, and then later today a video dedicated to the doublers. The absorbencies we are looking at today are suitable replacement to other inserts and can work alone. 

If you don’t know already, Hemp Babies is part of the Cotton Babies brand. This brand has been around for a long time and I’m surprised it isn’t more popular or doesn’t have the same pick up and brand reputation of other brands. Hemp Babies create 5 hemp blend products and a silk liner for the eco-conscious of us all. These products can be used with any Cotton Babies product, or really any diaper you want. They are a great swap for microfibre. 

All of their product is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton making it a very ecologically sustainable product. Hemp is sought out for a few reasons, the first being this idea that it is super absorbent. I strongly disagree with this blanket statement because many similar cotton and bamboo products can outperform a hemp product. Hemp is amazing because it’s very sustainable to grow, and it’s very good at holding onto liquids. It doesn’t have the compression of other liquids. Many claim it’s slow to absorb, but I also disagree as many hemp products are better at managing liquid than cotton products. It really comes down to the weave of the textile in these cases. 

I bought these products in Canada at Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot using my affiliate earnings. You can also purchase these direct from Cotton Babies or from other American retailers.

Nonetheless, lets get into the absorbency numbers for this product. Remember, absorbency numbers are my experience only. I triple test my products and then bring them to you with an average and average cost. You might have a different real world and absorbency number and that’s okay. 

If you want to learn more about prepping hemp inserts I’ll include the link below, these were really easy to prep. Fun Fact: hemp tends to be most absorbent with the first wash, it’s just lousy at absorbing and holding onto liquid. Overtime it settles out and performs better. 

Hemp Babies Flat Weeds – this is a generously sized flat at 26.5” square. I find it feels very rustic and earthy. It’s not silky soft like bamboo, but it’s not super rough either. I just feels like a nubby knit jersey. 

Absorbency Numbers include: 11.9 ounces, 12.7 ounces, and 12.9 ounces for an average of 12.5 ounces

You can check out the video to see how this textile performs to absorbing 12.5 ounces of liquid. 

At $10.95 USD, or $13.95 CAD, this is a higher priced flat in the american made flat market, but competitively priced with other hemp blends. It comes in at an incredible 88 cents per ounce, or $1.12 CAD. The American value on this is much better compared to some of the Canadian bamboo blends we have looked at. And compares to be a bit pricier the Smart Bottoms Prefolds.

Hemp Babies Little Weeds – this is a somewhat small square-is prefold. It’s a book fold design with a seam down the middle to fold in half. It’s two layers thick (which is really all you want for ease of drying with a hemp product). This is a soft fleece like texture. 

Absorbency Numbers: 8.3 ounces, 8 ounces, 8.3 ounces for an average of 8.2 ounces. 

This is ideal for daytime use. 

This product is compared in price at $7.95 USD or $9.95 CAD

This works out to 97 cents American per ounce of $1.21 CAD. The Canadian prices feel steep, because that’s life in Canada. This is more expensive than the comparable Smart Bottoms Prefold which is an incredible deal. I feel this product would be great for boosting a pre existing diaper like an AIO for nights. If you think of the new LHK prefold that comes with the Supreme, this is similar but in hemp. 

Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds: this is their larger sizes prefold that is comparable in size to the Smart Bottoms Large Prefold. It features a classic 2x2x2 design that can be trifolded. This is again a fleece material. 

Absorbency: 15.7 ounces, 15.9 ounces, 15.7 ounces for an average of 15.8 ounces. 

This is ideal for most moderate overnights. 

This prefold is $12.95 USD or $16.95 CAD making it much more expensive than Smart Bottoms, but comparable to brands like Geffen Baby and other hemp prefold manufacturers. It works out to 82 cents an ounce or $1.07 an ounce which is comparable as a North American manufactured natural fibre insert. 

Alright guys, so that’s the inserts from Hemp Babies. Compared to other North American similar bamboo and cotton products that I’ve tested the price per ounce is on point. This is a great product to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your stash and have money to spend. We will be looking at the doublers in the next post. The doublers are just that, doublers to be added to something as a booster for additional absorbency because spoiler alert we are talking less than 5 ounces of absorbency.