Inconsistent Ikea Flats

These Ikea Burp Clothes are a notorious hack for cloth diapering and really if it’s 100% cotton, or a bamboo/cotton blend or anything absorbent, then you can use it as a diaper. I was never fond of these as I found them to be excessively bulky compared to things like a receiving blanket. I know I recommended them over a FST in my original post, but 3 years later, I dread having these in my stash.

A few years ago when I bought these they were $6.99 Canadian for a 2 pack. Today they are $7.99 for a 2 pack.

Absorbency of Ikea Flats

This is how I absorbency test. 

I have a white one which resulted in 11.1, 11.9 ounces for an average of 11.5 ounces. Meanwhile the one with stars weigh da little bit more and was more absorbent at 13.5, 11.3, and 14.5 ounces. This spread of absorbency bothers me as it’s not very close but I’m getting tired of testing absorbency and this product is not a real cloth diaper. It’s an average of about 13.1 ounces which truthfully feels high, but this one does absorb more consistently than the white.

Thoughts & Costs

The white is 30 cents per ounce, while the stars is 27 cents an ounce. This does mean it is cheaper than other imported flats like the Osocozy Bamboo/Cotton Flat but it’s not really enough of a price difference to not just buy the Osocozy Flats which feels like an easier product without the bulk and discrepancy.

But hey, repurposing things is awesome and a great way to get an absorbent insert for any pocket or cloth diaper cover.