Because I love birdseye cotton flats, I figured I would love the Imagine Baby Printed Flat – but spoiler alert, these aren’t my favourite. I find them kind of small compared to the Osocozy Bamboo. The padfold is a little smaller than I prefer inside a cloth diaper. 

Single layer birdseye cotton washes up really well, performs well, and dries very fast on the line or in the machine. They are also really great for all the other messes and things you need in life.

This is a 100% cotton flat diaper made in Pakistan with a printed design. There are several prints available from butterflies to dinosaurs, and elephants and I think one more. Fade is normal and to be expected.

This flat originally measures 27×27 and 5-10% shrinkage is to be expected.

They are sold individually and in a package.

I did buy these in Canada – but I can’t seem to find any Canadian retailers who stock Imagine Baby products besides the Lagoon and they don’t have this in stock.. At Nicki’s’ its $18.95 USD for a 6 pack or $3.16 each.It was probably about $4.25 in Canada. I don’t remember them being on the cheap side and that’s why I went with the Osocozy originally.

Absorbency Stats

this is my experience with the product and represents a full saturation number. These numbers may vary between flat to flat and household to household. I do this to help provide a scale of reference and show how the material performs in an overall sense. This does not provide any indication of the value of a product. 


These flats held 9.1, 9, and 10 ounces. Which is a bit of a spread, but I do find cotton products are more likely to give me this kind of diverse range. Overall, we see the Imagine Baby Printed Flats holding 9.4 ounces which is a solid amount for daytime. These would be great for moderate daytime wetters, considering a large 4 layer microfibre is around 8 ounces with a whole lot of compression. 

Per ounce, its 34 cents USD as to be expected with an overseas based textile like this. 

Now we’re going to have some fun with these and show you how it performs with speed and general pee absorbency.