I’m starting this absorbency result test feeling super bummed because today’s episode/saga is about a fitted diaper that really disappointed me: the Sweet Pea Bamboo/Cotton Fitted Diaper. 

I started with this one because this is a fitted diaper I don’t particularly like so I don’t use it at all. I bought it with the intentions of writing a review but because I didn’t like I never got around to it. It’s way easier to write and blog and video things you love over things you don’t love. 

And I’m seriously disappointed. One of the other reasons I started with this one is because it looks very similar to the Happy Flute fitted diapers that I ordered.

The Sweet Pea Bamboo/Cotton Fitted Diapers

This is a one size cloth diaper that is suitable for 8-35lbs. It has a sewn in soaker tongue and then comes with a booster which is 2 layers bamboo sandwiched around one microfibre layer. The diaper is then topped with bamboo velour which is supposed to be super cozy but honestly I am looking at this diaper like WTF it looks like a bamboo diaper, your velour is subpar quality. #justanobservation. 

Numbers – Let’s Talk Numbers

This diaper costs $24.95 in the United States or $26.95 in Canada. 

The diaper itself with the sewn in absorbency tongue was consistent with it’s absorbency numbers – 12 oz, 12.5 oz, 12.4 oz. This means it’s about 12.3 ounces in the diaper. If you then add in the booster which is 3.9 ounces of absorbency (4.1, 4, 3.6) the entire package can absorb 16.2 ounces. 

Alone, 16.2 ounces is not bad for a night time diaper. But this is just an overseas diaper with no special fabrics, story or anything. It even has microfibre in it. 

That means you’re paying $1.66 Canadian per ounce or $1.54 US dollars. You’re paying for the complicated design of a fitted diaper, a plethora of snaps and some okay absorbency materials


I tried to find out a little bit about Sweet Pea diapers online but besides a budget line based out of Texas and manufactured overseas, I know nothing. If you know the Sweet Pea story let me below. One of the reasons I like to buy diapers is because of the story, and looking at the absorbency numbers and cost numbers today, this a diaper I can’t even say you should buy because of the story, because I don’t know the story. 

Hope this you helps you find a fitted diaper you love, but if you need 15-16 ounces check out Nuggles 3ply prefold.