Best Bottom Cloth Diapers is an American manufactured cloth diaper company well known for its covers and snap in inserts. Best Bottom diapers are a unique low rise cut and have a dedicated fan base collecting many highly sought after prints and patterns. Every March, Best Bottoms hosts a March Madness to determine the potential combination for one of their upcoming prints.

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Best Bottom Products

  • One Size Cloth Diaper Shell (Snaps and Hook & Loop)
  • One Size BIGGER Cloth Diaper Shell
  • Best Bottom shells in Cotton.
  • Best Bottom Heavy Wetter All in One
  • Best Bottom Swim DIapers
  • Inserts (Newborn, Small, Medium, Large & XL)
  • Training Pants
  • Extender Tabs
  • Swaddling Blankets
  • Leg Warmers


Best Bottom Cloth Diapers are manufactured in the United States using as many USA made materials as possible. They pride themselves on being socially and environmentally conscious. Best Bottom is part of a family of other brands including Nicki’s Diapers and Planet Wise.

You can find Best Bottom Diapers at these affiliated retailers: LagoonBaby (Canada) –  Calgary Cloth Diaper (Canada)  Kelly’s Closet (USA) Diaper Junction (USA)

My Personal Experience with Best Bottom Cloth Diapers?

I haven’t tried their inserts, but I have tried their diapers. The OS cover is okay, but the BIGGER is better for those of us with chunky babies. I like the overall fit of Best Bottoms but do honestly prefer a higher rise cut. The Best Bottom diaper does fit like a low rise jean of the cloth diapers.

While many people swear by the training pants, I do not agree.

The AIO is AMAZING but the price tag sting. Definitely worth checking out on a sale because it’s worth it.

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Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Reviews

OS Diapers
Training Pants & More


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