Buttons Cloth Diapers is an American cloth diaper company manufacturing overseas. They create cloth diaper covers with inserts in a variety of sizes and patterns. Buttons Diapers has a loyal Brand Ambassador program and fan base evident on their Instagram.

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Buttons Diapers

  • Newborn Cover (7-12 pounds)
  • One Size Cover (9-35 pounds)
  • Super Cover (12 – 40 pounds)
  • Diaper Inserts
  • Wet Bags & Pails
  • Dahlia Cloth (Feminine Hygiene)

There is a striking similarity between Buttons OS cover and Best Bottom Cloth Diapers. Questions regarding the patents on Best Bottom and Button’s have been raised in dark corners of the internet, but further details is not available.

You can purchase them at these affiliated retailers: LagoonBaby (Canada) –  Kelly’s Closet (USA) Diaper Junction (USA)

My Personal Experience with Buttons Cloth Diapers?

I did get to review Buttons Diapers through a few sponsored posts. I do really like their product but it is a cheaper quality compared to Best Bottom. I find I did have issues with snaps and PUL quality, but besides that, it was a great functioning cloth diaper.

Buttons really nailed it for prints. I find their prints better than other companies, and thats why I have continued to purchase these diapers.

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Button Cloth Diaper Reviews

Buttons Reviews


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