Diaper Rite Cloth Diapers are budget-friendly cloth diapers available at Diaper Junction and My Sweet Pickles.  This is like a house brand cloth diaper similar to Nicki’s’ Diapers available at Nicki’s.


Diaper Rite Products

  • All in One (OS & Newborn)
  • Cover
  • Bamboo Flats
  • Bamboo Inserts
  • Hanging Pail and Pail Liner
  • Prefold Diapers

You can purchase them at these affiliated retailers: Diaper Junction (USA)

My Personal Experience with Diaper Rite Cloth Diapers?

I have never tried Diaper Rite Cloth Diapers. They aren’t available at Canadian retailers and therefore difficult to obtain without sponsorship. Please let me know your experiences in the comments.

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Diaper Rite Cloth Diaper Reviews

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