Fuzzibunz might just be the original modern cloth diaper, but that’s a highly contested issue. Regardless, FuzziBunz has been on the market for a really long time and undergone a few different changes, owners, and designs. Thereson Dupuy even brought Fuzzibunz onto the Shark Tank. 

Today Fuzzibunz is a new design and process. Learn more on their website. 


FuzziBunz Products

  • Perfect Size Diaper (Newborn – Large, Pockets)
  • One Size Pocket Diapers
  • Inserts – Microfibre and Organic
  • Diaper Tote and Hanging Bag.

There is history between Charlie Banana and FuzziBunz regarding patent concerns. Additional information via Dirt Diaper Laundry. 

FuzziBunz is sold at select retailers.

My Personal Experience with FuzziBunz?

I bought a few of the new style FuzziBunz diapers when I started cloth diapering and I hated them. Again, like Charlie Banana, I don’t like the internal toggles because my kids grow like weeds. Maybe that would change now that they have slowed down.

I sold my FuzziBunz because the new ones felt awkward and clunky. The inserts were just mediocre.

I understand many people loved their original FuzziBunz diapers better.

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