KaWaii Cloth Diapers beckons to Vancouver, BC where April Choy and selling cloth diapers in 2008. KaWaii manufactures in China in a trusted factory making products that meet safety standards. 


KaWaii Products

It seems that KaWAii makes a variety of different products in different styles.

  • One Size Adjustable Cloth Diaper Pocket, Snaps, Microfibre, Bamboo, Charcoal Bamboo.
  • One Size Premium Bamboo Pocket Diaper
  • Cross Over Squared Tab Snap One Size Cloth Diaper, Pockets
  • Heavy Wetter One-Size Cloth Diaper
  • And Others

KaWaii products are often associated with the term china cheapie. They are a cheap diaper manufactured in China. They do seem to have safety certifications and a process in place for general manufacturing.

You can purchase them at these affiliated retailers: LagoonBaby (Canada)  Kelly’s Closet (USA)

My Personal Experience with KaWaii Cloth Diapers?

I have never tried a KaWaii Cloth Diaper. I’m not particularly keen on pocket cloth diapers or the classic hip snap shape. But maybe I should. We’ll leave it up to the other bloggers to tell you all about Kawaii Cloth Diapers

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KaWaii Cloth Diaper Reviews

Cloth Diaper Reviews
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