Nuggles! is a Canadian cloth diaper brand based out of the Kamloops area. Some of their diapers are made overseas and some of their products are made in Canada. Nuggles is a small operation making a variety of products listed below in an ethical small batch production.


Nuggles Brand Products

  • Pocket Diaper
  • Diaper Cover
  • Swim Diaper
  • Newborn Diaper
  • Inserts & Prefolds
  • Accessories such as wetbags, bibs, and more
  • Leggings with Rococo Bum

Available at these affiliate retailers: Nuggles! or LagoonBaby (Canada)

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My Personal Experience with Nuggles!

I do actively work with Nuggles! from time to time and I love their products. I find their prefolds aren’t absorbant enough for me, but I have many friends who love them.

My favourite product is the fitted cloth diaper, and I do like their covers for bigger toddlers. I’m not a huge fan of their covers for small babies, they just fit awkward (Sorry Cherelle!). They have a great friendly warehouse to visit if you live in the Kamloops area.

Nuggles! Reviews

Swim Diapers
 Pocket & Covers
Other Products

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