Sustainablebabyish is a word I’m going to have to teach spell check, but it’s also part of the Sloomb brand. Specifically, Sustainablebabyish is the brand associated with the cloth diapers produced by Sloomb (which also produces wool. We could talk about wool, but this post is going to be dedicated to their amazing cloth diapers

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Sustainablebabyish Products

  • Overnight Bamboo Fleece Diapers
  • Happy Little Clouds
  • Bamboo + Hemp Fitteds
  • Velour Happy Little CLouds
  • Bamboo Terry Flats
  • Trainers
  • Snapless Minis
  • Snapless Multi Fitted
  • Velour Snapless
  • Woolie Doubles
  • Fleece Doublers
  • Bamboo Velour Wipes

Where to buy? Director from many of their retailers (affiliate links).  LagoonBaby (Canada) – Calgary Cloth Diaper (Canada)  Kelly’s Closet (USA) Diaper Junction (USA) Cotton Babies

My Experience with Sustainablebabyish

I have a little experience in that I own many snapless fitted cloth diapers. They were an amazing choice for my first who was a heavy wetter in his early days. I did move on and try some of their OBF’s and I have a few other pieces in my collection. I do think they make a high-quality product that I recommend to anyone who has a truly heavy wetter.

Sustainablebabyish Reviews

Did you write a review or youtube of Sustainablebabyish cloth diapers?

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