I have a few cloth diapers in my stash that I am less than impressed with, but nothing I don’t like as much as these AnanBaby cloth diapers I ordered off AliExpress. 

I know they are just another cheap diaper from an overseas wholesaler, and as a cloth diaper addict, I can see why you might want to blow me off on this review but serious, listen, the ones I have are miserable. 

I have been ordering cheap diapers from AliExpress and elsewhere on the internet to help fill my understanding of the industry.

What did I order?

  1. Ananbaby Cloth Diaper Reusable Pocket Nappy $5.53 USD
  2. Ananbaby Adjustable Reusable Cover $3.93 USD
  3. Ananbaby Baby Nappy Cover All in One Size Cloth Diaper Cover $4.64
  4. Hemp & Organic Cotton Inserts, 4 ply. $3.02

And… I thought that number 3 was actually all one one cloth diaper based off the description and the words in the sentence, but it’s not and that’s deceptive and part of the challenge of ordering cloth diapers off a website like AliExpress. It was a just a cover and it’s identical to #2 which means I paid more for the exact same thing… 

What’s the deal?

I want to give these diapers a fair chance to stand up for themselves but they don’t because they are the thinnest feeling cheap PUL that I’ve had in my hands. The elastic on the double gussets is a joke and I don’t even know why they have a double gusset because literally does nothing. If you want a double gusset that actually works it needs to have two strong elastics and the set up in a way like the Nuggles or Best Bottom systems. 

The snaps on these diapers are cheap knock offs. Whenever my toddler moves or climbs into bed the snaps would come undone. This does not happen normally with other diapers. I also found very hard to do up the snaps on this diaper so if you have arthritic wrists I would AVOID. 

The pocket diaper fits terribly small. I couldn’t get my hand into the mmidsectionof the diaper, so if a big hand helper then this won’t be very easy for them. The back suede liner naturally sticks out and up the back so you’ll need to tuck that in every single time you change baby’s bum. 

The covers also run small. If you are looking for something over a fitted cloth diaper this is not the option for you as they run small at the hips and don’t offer nearly enough a coverage for a standard fitted cloth diaper. They do give a better fit with a prefold or insert inside them. 

The snap configurations is pretty standard cheapie set up, if this is something you like then it will work for you, but I’m not a huge fan of this triple snap layout. I don’t see much function in it. Just stick with two snaps, you’re tabs aren’t long enough to warrant a hip snap. 

The Hemp Inserts – I’ve been washing these bad boys for weeks and I still don’t feel they are prepped. I even boiled one for you. I’m actually beginning to wonder if theres a discrepancy between the products because the one that I boiled is still consistently only absorbing 6 ounces (up one ounce since initial boil), whereas the other one holds closer to 7-8 ounces (up one ounce since first wash). They have shrunk a fair bit, are still quite and rough and do curl. I’ve washed these nearly a dozen times and they float a little too much for my comfort to give you solid numbers. I’ll be back on these.

I just can’t recommend this product.

Cloth Diaper Review of AnAnBaby Diapers - Cheap Diapers from AliExpress

That’s my deal on these, and it’s a hard no for me. I have some cheapies in my stash that I’ve ordered that I do kinda like, so don’t scream at me too hard for hating on these because I just need to retire these bad boys to the top shelf and stop trying to like them because the snaps are making my hands angry at the world.