5 Things about Athletic Wicking Jersey

This is a less than common liner for pocket cloth diapers. It’s rampant in Canada amongst work at home creators, but less so in other areas. You find wicking jersey as a pocket liner, a stay dry liner that you add to a diaper, and sometimes in swim diapers as a packing to the diaper shell. 

  1. Stay Dry – it’s desged to wick away the moisture from the skin and why you often see it in sports apparel to help keep athletes cool. The same principle applies in a diaper or mensutral product. 
  2. It’s cooling – unlike the warmth of a polar fleece or fleece material, wicking jersey offers a much cooler experience for babies who might be sensitive to the warmth of the fleece pocket. 
  3. It’s easy to care for – wicking jersey doesn’t hold onto stink like it’s fleece counterparts, and resistant to staining. That’s not to say it wont stain but rather it’s more persistent to taking in any stains. 
  4. It is a synthetic – 100% polyster, AWJ is a synthetic material. I have seen bamboo blends but also remember bamboo is also very synthetic. Very simply to create polyester petroleum products are derived into acids and alcohols that are condensed at high temperatures and formed into ribbons, and then spun into a fibre. These fibres are drawn out and made into yarns. It’s all very secret.