Last year, I had the pleasure of chatting with Dganit and her husband from Baby Koala on the Cloth Diaper Podcast. Check out the episode here.

About Baby Koala Cloth Diapers

Baby Koala Cloth Diapers is not Mama Koala. Baby Koala does make pocket cloth diapers but these come from Israel. Dgnait owns a small shop where she designs and sews the diapers herself, along with the help of another seamstress and with an ambition to grow.

Dganit sent me a parcel from Israel of her diapers and other products to check out. If you follow me on Instagram, I have been giving away the extras over the past few weeks, and still have lots to share with you. I don’t have a baby in cloth diapers anymore, but I do have years of cloth diapering experience – I took some photos and have some thoughts to share with you about the Baby Koala Pocket Cloth Diaper – shop here in English.

Please reach out to Dganit directly at Baby Koala if you need assistance purchasing diapers or navigating her website. It is available in Hebrew and English.

Baby Koala Pocket Cloth Diaper

The Baby Koala Pocket Cloth Diaper is a simple one-size pocket diaper.

Estimated to fit 8-35lbs – give or take.
Remember OS really means One Size Fits Most

Some key features:

  • Pocket opening is located at the front of the diaper.
  • Includes a layer of PUL at the front – belly panel.
  • Inner is made from Athletic Wicking Jersey.
  • Features a single-waist snap with cross over snaps.
  • Made from heavy weight PUL.
  • 3×4 rise settings
  • Comes with 2 3ply microfibre inserts – standard length and newborn.
  • Average cost is 103₪ or about $40 CAD or $28.82

Things That Make Me Smile About Baby Koala Cloth Diaper

I absolutely love the AWJ inner on this diaper. I believe that AWJ is the best material for a pocket cloth diaper because it is so much cooler, doesn’t pill, fairly stain resistant, and such nicer material. It can stain, and it can be a warmer diaper, but it’s such a great feeling textile that performs incredible. We also see AWJ in Les Confections Lili Diapers and Bebeboo Diapers.

Also this front load pocket – I hate when I have to remove an insert from the back of a poopy diaper because yes, I would totally touch pee over poop any day. Wash your hands 🙂

I also love the extra layer of PUL at the front as shown below. This layer of PUL along the tummy of the diaper helps keep the wet in. Theoretically, this should reduce and limit any potential wicking concerns out the front of the diaper when wearing certain types of pants or diaper shirts/ onesies.

Also this PUL is thick! Thick PUL can be amazing – sometimes over kill. But if you’ve ever bought a diaper with thing PUL that just leaks as soon as any compression is placed, you’ll know why this is awesome. The thickness of this PUL could likely make it comparable to Double PUL diapers – like the Buttons or Best Bottom shells.

Did you see the width on the back of this diaper. This diaper uses a 1/2 inch or maybe 2.5 cm wide back elastic. I don’t know if it does anything but it’s definitely an elastic to keep things in.

Things I Don’t Love

I don’t love the microfibre inserts – I’ll be straight with you and if you know me, this isn’t a surprise. It’s not a deal breaker because most pocket cloth diapers come with standard microfibre. They work and they can be easily replaced or updated when needed.

This diaper does come with two sets of microfibre. The microfibre feels like a good quality material that will perform well for you. Yes there is a difference in the quality of a microfibre and how it can perform.

And the single waist snap – I know I heard them tell me they choose this because it was simple and easy for Dads to cloth diaper, but my heart always favours a double waist snap. This is a total personal preference thing based on my children body shape – this diaper might be best for you if you love a single snap.

This is why cloth diapering is about trying a few things that catch your eye because you don’t know what you’re preferences will be until you try a cloth diaper.

Things I’m Not Sure About

Different diapers end their elastics in different places – some end their elastic all the way at the top right before the waist snaps and others end them somewhere between the bottom rise snap and there.

The Baby Koala Pocket diaper ends its elastic at the bottom of the bottom rise setting. I’m not sure how I feel about this and if it would impact function – it does give a nice clean crisp line for folding down the rise setting.

But something to think about.

Have you tried Baby Koala Cloth Diapers?

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below. I’ve been giving these away for people to try. If you try one or have a review share it below – links welcome.

Thanks for letting me check out your diapers Dganit.