5 Things You Need to Know about Bamboo Cloth Diapers

  1. You actually can’t call it Bamboo, it’s either Viscose from Bamboo or Rayon from Bamboo – See when bamboo became popular textile product it was quickly greenwasher to make it seem more environmentally friendly than it actually is. While growing Bamboo is relatively environmentally conscious the process to turn it into a textile can be less awesome. It does have to soak in a pit of chemicals, be turned into must, go through another chemical and then be turned into a thread that can be woven into fabric. 
  2. Bamboo products are not all created equal – I did bring this up with the other textiles, but really within bamboo products I really notice a difference in quality of performance, durability, shrinkage, and more with bamboo blend products. 
  3. Bamboo is luxury – can we just stop and pause and appreciate all the beautiful bamboo products you can find on the market because my GroVia prefolds are the softest things ever, and I would love a blanket out of the double loop terry of the Nuggles Prefolds. Bamboo rayon is incredibly luxurious of a textile across the fingers and with proper care and drying it usually doesn’t end up being stiff or uncomfortable. With a little bamboo everything becomes soft and cozy. At least in my opinion. 
  4. Bamboo shrinks – not if it’s a terry, but if it’s in a prefold with cotton, or in a jersey form (see point 2), bamboo will shrink. Sometimes it will shrink right away, sometimes you’ll have tiny prefolds 3 years later. It’s depend on the brand, the blend, the weave and more but something to keep in mind. I would ask around in brand groups about people’s experiences. I haven’t tried them all and cant’ give you a fair representation but the knowledge is out there.
  5. Bamboo is not cheap – and the cheap bamboo you can find on the internet raises a lot of questions for me because of the producers I’ve engaged with have mentioned that finding quality bamboo products that they are willing to back comes with a hefty price tag.

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