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Absorbency Numbers

Which inserts are most absorbent? How much does a cloth diaper hold?

5 Reasons to shop with a Retailer

Wondering where to buy your cloth diapers? Here’s 5 perks to shopping witha cloth diaper retailer.

the Best Cloth Diaper Covers

Did you take the Cloth Diaper Quiz and learn that Cloth Diaper Covers are the best choice for your family?

The Cloth Diaper Covers is a diaper exterior used to make the diaper experience water resistant. They are used with Fitted Diapers, Prefolds/Flats, and Inserts. Check out absorbency values here. There are many different types of Cloth Diaper Covers, and important category is the All In Two, or Snap In Diaper, which features a cover with snap in inserts. Read about it in my book.

There are so many amazing cloth diaper covers and this post doesn’t even touch on so many incredible brands that I would love to recommend. Don’t forget to check out some of the other incredible lists like this one recommending the most sustainable brands, or this one highlighting the amazing Black-Owned Cloth Diaper brands.

If you have a favourite cloth diaper cover, let me know what it is and for why in the comment section. If one of these isn’t right for you – check with friends and family for even more ideas and inspiration.

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Omaiki AIO


The Bebeboo Flex is well built and priced cloth diaper cover that works with a wide array of products including some fitted and snap in inserts. It has a double gusset, double waist and all my cloth favs. 

$14.95 CDN – Read the Review

Kittens by Blueberry Cat Cloth Diaper

Runner Up

The Flip Diaper Cover manufactured by Cotton Babies is a classic Cloth Diaper Cover that is incredibly easy to use and fits a wide range of possibilities.

$14.95 – Read the Review

Best for Fitted Diapers

The Petite Crown Catcher was designed with Fitted Diapers in mind. It offers a generous fit and function that any fluffy bum would love to have.

$16.25 USD 

Tots Bots

Best Hook & Loop

The GroVia Hook & Loop Shell is one of the best performing covers both for it’s function and fit, as well as it’s longevity of product quality. This diaper fits from newborn to toddlerhood.

$16.95 USD

Imagine Baby

Best Value

Nickis’ Snap diaper Cover offer the best value providing a functional, double gusset design that works with fitted and inserts. Also available in hook & Loop.

$10.99 USD

GroVia AIO

Best Low Rise

The Best Bottom Cloth Diapering system is a great low-rise fitting diaper. This diaper fits different than double waist, and works great with inserts and folded prefolds

$18.99 USD Read the Review 

Tots Bots

Best on Amazon

The Thirsties Duo is one of the best cloth diaper covers and it deserves to be in the top 3 – and it’s definitely one of the best available on Amazon.

 Find it on Amazon 

Imagine Baby

Best Cover on AliExpress

The Happy Flute Cover is a well loved and recommended diaper by many cloth dipaer parents in Facebook groups. It’s a repeat but there are many poorly made diapers on AliExpress and not bad.

GroVia AIO


Let me know in the comments which Work At Home Seamstress Cloth Diaper Cover you love the most.

Check out Etsy for Cloth Diaper 

Personal Recommendations & Favorite Diapers


I have such the hardest time coming up with favourites and recommendations because I love all the brands. I did these posts because I wanted to showcase brands that are sometimes not showcased. So many of the Best Cloth Diapers blog posts and websites only link and list products available on Amazon, or that originally existed in 2014 when the blog post was written. But it’s 2021 and cloth diapering has changed and so many incredible brands exist and thrive. 

These are a few of my favourite cloth diapers when I started cloth diapering in 2015. Many of these diapers are no longer available or in manufacturing. I personally prefer a larger cut Cloth Diaper Cover – like these recommendations for fitted diapers, and my most recent favourites in my stash was the Bebeboo Flex and Nerdy Mommas Cover. 

Looking for a complete list of cloth diaper covers and reviews? Check out this post for more information including blog posts over at my personal blog. 

Here’s a few more categories and recommendations for you: 


Nerdy Mommas Cloth Diapers

Up & Coming

Babian Blends cloth diaper covers offer a multifunctional and trendy cloth diaper cover. This all in two system, might be the next greatest cloth diaper in your stash.

Check out Babian Blends


Imagine Baby

International Brands

The Bare & Boho Cloth Diaper cover is another snap in system that offers trendy new covers, and comes abroad. This double gusset design might be the next diaper for you.

Shop Bare & Boho.

Serene by Kangacare

Softest TPU

The TPU on the Rumparooz Diaper cover will have you building an entire stash of this trim and snazzy diaper cover. This is a double gusset design, with a lower rise fit. 


Cloth Diaper Membership

Coming Soon, membership programs to support you with cloth diapering.

Cloth Diaper Book

Learn to cloth diaper with the ultimate guide to diapering, available on Amazon or your fav online book shop.

Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers

Finally, all the answers to your most frequently asked questions in 250+ pages of easy to read text, graphics, and photographs.

I break down the basics to cloth diapers to inspire to you to start with an introductory base. I believe you are capable of diapering, of problem solving, and making the choices to trust in yourself.

FAQ on Every Topic

Detailed Graphics & Images on Diapers

Wash Routine Support & Info

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