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Cloth Diaper Pocket Reviews

Complete list of Cloth Diaper Pocket Diapers  that I have reviewed. 

The Best Pocket Cloth Diapers

In 2020, there are lots of amazing cloth diapers – and as a cloth diaper enthusiast, these are the best pocket cloth diapers currently available. 

Pocket cloth diapers are a great choice for families looking for a more budget friendly cloth diapering system that offers ease of clean use. One of the best things you can do with pocket diapers is replace the inserts with natural fibre choices like prefold. Learn why from Lauren’s Story.

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Kittens by Blueberry Cat Cloth Diaper

Best Overall

The Bebeboo Choice is a new pocket cloth diaper to market, but it’s easily one of the best overall featuring a simple to use style with natural fibre inserts. This diaper is a winner for all families.

Starting at $14.95 USD – Bebeboo Original Review

Omaiki AIO

Runner Up

The Petite Crown Packa is another new pocket cloth diaper offering exceptional absorbency and fit. Not only does this diaper work, but the companies social values support ongoing cloth diapering around the world. 

$22.95 USD


Most Absorbent

The Les Confections Lili pocket diaper is a Quebec made diaper sold with an incredibly absorbent hemp insert. This is a must have for maximum absorbency.

Starting at $36.95 CAD  – Read the Review

Tots Bots

Best Hook & Loop

The Thirsties Pocket Diaper is the best hook and loop option for families. This diaper is Made in the USA and offers exceptional quality and durability. Available in a few different options.

$24.50 USD

Imagine Baby

Best Value

The Nickis Pocket Diaper is one of the best valued pocket cloth diapers on the market, easily available in the USA with a simple fit that works for most cloth diaper beginners. 

$12.99 USD

GroVia AIO

Trimmest Pocket

The Lalabye Baby is a trim pocket cloth diaper with a narrow crotch and natural fibre inserts giving a great fit for baby jeans and other cute outfits.

$24 USD

Read the Review


Tots Bots

Best on Amazon

The Alva Baby Pocket Diaper is a well loved pocket cloth diaper by many families around the world. This is a cheaper quality product and you may want to consider a natural fibre insert.

 Find it on Amazon

Imagine Baby

Best Pocket on AliExpress

The Happy Flute pocket cloth diaper is one of the best quality diapers available on AliExpress. It offers a well built design, but may fit a little bigger than some other styles. They have many choices to choose.

GroVia AIO


Let me know in the comments which Work At Home Seamstress pocket cloth diaper you love the most.

This is not a common cloth diaper style for WAHM to design and make

Check out Etsy for Cloth Diaper 

Personal Recommendations & Favorite Pocket Diapers

Pocket cloth diapers are not one of my first choice diapers and I very seldom used them in my stash as a cloth diapering parent. I preferred AIO and covers as a go to choice. I found stuffing pocket diapers cumbersome and I hated microfiber with a passion. For my family we didn’t need stay dry. When I did find a pocket I liked, it usually had a double gusset for better fit in the crotch, a double cross snap and natural fibre inserts. Unfortunately, some of my favourite pocket cloth diapers are no longer in business as the cloth diaper industry fluctuates amongst small business owners. 

A few other Notable Choice Pocket Cloth Diapers

Nerdy Mommas Cloth Diapers

Up & Coming

 The La Petite Ourse Pocket Cloth Diaper is an up and coming brand selling to a wide interanational market place at an affordable price. this diaper is well loved and comes with natural fibre inserts and a two year warranty.

Imagine Baby

Best Ruffled Cloth Diaper

The Ruffle Cloth diaper is a unique shape and design that many families love for it’s soft gentle elastic. The AMP Pocket is the best variation of this diaper. 

Read the Comparison Review

GroVia AIO

Best at Walmart Diaper

The Best cloth diaper available at Walmart is the elemental Joy. This budget diaper is Made in the USA and designed for your success in cloth diapering. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are AIO so expensive?

All In Diapers are a complete package sewn together – the labor, materials, and process behind them creates a higher cost product.

On average, AIO cloth diapers cost $20-30 USD depending on synthetics or natural fiber. Some work at home creators are upwards above.

Can I hand was AIO Diapers?

Can you? Yes.

Will it be easy? No.

If you need to handwash long term, consider flat diapers. 

How do AIO Diapers fit?

AIO diaper fit depends on the brand. All In Diapers tend to fit smaller.

Here’s how AIO diapers fit my toddler at 30lbs. 

Why did you give up your AIO?

I got really frustated with my AIO diaper stash – learn why here: https://www.simplymombailey.com/packing-aio-cloth-diapers/

How do I travel with Cloth Diapers?

Traveling with cloth diapers always takes a little more space, but you can do it.  Many families prefer flats and covers for the ease of handwashing. Check out a 2021 Podcast to learn how professional traveler uses cloth when flying the world. 

Here’s how I travel, road trip-style, with cloth diapers.

What about Newborn AIO diapers?

Newborn AIO diapers are a fantastic way to cloth diaper small babies in a way that gives a trim fit. The downside – the lack of absorbency.

Here are a few blog posts on my newborn all in one cloth diaper experience

Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers

Finally, all the answers to your most frequently asked questions in 250+ pages of easy to read text, graphics, and photographs.

I break down the basics to cloth diapers to inspire to you to start with an introductory base. I believe you are capable of diapering, of problem solving, and making the choices to trust in yourself.

FAQ on Every Topic

Detailed Graphics & Images on Diapers

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