You know what’s sad?

When one of your favourite cloth diaper products is no longer available but you still want to shout it from the roof tops.

I’m on the search for the budget friendly reliable replacement for these Prefolds. I now use the Nuggles Prefolds but they aren’t budget friendly if you’re watching your pocket book.

Bummi’s went out of business in 2018. You might still find these loitering on a dusty shelf at a local small business retailer or maybe on the buy and sell for second hand. I’m never selling mine because they make great rags for around the house.  

Why do I love the Bummis Prefold?

These were the first thing I ever purchased for my cloth diaper stash. I ordered 24 cotton prefolds and a few covers. I have used these daily for 3.5 years and they are holding strong. They have been absorbent for my children, they have been bulky during the newborn days but work during the toddler days and they have held up to the test of time. They haven’t shrunken too much or changed shapes. I feel they’ve held up to 3.5 years of hot water washing and constant dryer use. 

At the time, I also felt it was a reasonable budget diaper and I still think it is. Absorbent material will never be dirt cheap unless you’re reusing something so the 6 pack for about $24 CDN (at the time) was doable for me. 

Or read about it here. 

What are they?

These are the infant sized ones which are rated 7-20lbs and approximately 12×16” before washing but shrink up to about the size of a piece of paper. There is a newborn size which I hear is a POS and a larger Baby size which I also think is useless because it’s too big. These are the only ones I would ever recommend in the Bummis’ Prefold Family. 

These are 100% organic cotton twill. They are 4x8x4 absorbency which does make them feel a bit fluffier and plush than you might expect but I really dont’ find them to be overly bulky. I swear I can still pull on pants and leggings with these in a pocket cloth diaper. 

How does the Bummis Infant Prefold stack up?

I have used these for years and I knew they were absorbent but they kinda blew me away with their numbers because I not expecting to consistently get 9 ounces out of these bad boys. 

That’s right this little piece of cotton twill held 9.6, 9.8 and 9. ounces of absorbency. One of the last prices I could find was at Lil Monkey Cheeks listed at $25.99 CDN for a pack of 6, which breaks down to $4.33 each, or 46 cents per ounce. Don’t underestimate the power of a prefold peeps. 

I’m still looking for my perfect trifold replacement for these bad boys and while I have some suggestions I’m just not sold on breaking up with my first love. 

Where can you buy cloth diapers?

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