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If you need to buy the cheap diaper, buy the cheap diaper.

Yes, I like to have hard conversations about the impacts of cloth diaper manufacturing around the world. I recognize that the social and environmental impacts of fast fashion likely play out within cloth diaper manufacturing. That’s just the world of textiles and messy and it’s gray and it makes us uncomfortable.

But if you need to buy cheap diapers, you need to buy cheap diapers.

We can have conversations calling out manufacuters and brands to be more transparent in their social and environmental practices while providing an inclusive space that doesn’t judge you for the diapers in your stash. Youre not a bad person because you didn’t know or you couldn’t afford anything else. That’s not your burden to carry. Don’t do it.

I don’t care what diapers are in your stash, I do care about the choices that manufacturers make in disposing of chemical byproducts from bamboo manufacturing or the treatment of employees. These are critical thoughts of larger companies and even governmental regulations, or lack thereof.

As consumers I understand we have our hands tied, but we can continue to advocate and ask for better. These are larger social issues that are hard to articulate in a IG post or even hour long podcast. These are complex concerns that we try to muddle through in an attempt to make small changes.

I want you to know that I used to care a lot about someone’s stash, but that’s exclusionary and hurtful, and an unproductive use of my time and voice. 2020 is about growth, changing as people, and carving out a new path for us as a community to embark on.

Be proud of your stash and your cloth diaper journey. You are welcome here. It’s okay to say – you’re blaming the wrong person. Don’t blame cloth diaper parents for the mistakes of cooperations.

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