What are some things we can ask cloth diaper brands to do to support Black Lives Matter and diversity within their brand?
This was originally an Instagram post.

➡️ REVIEW brand ambassador programs. Do the expectations of their program limit the aesthetic or popularity that gets chosen? Is the request too much for the return? Has the past program represented a diverse representation of families?

➡️ HIRE Black, Indigenous or People of Colour (BIPOC) creators and pay them for their work, influence and impact.

➡️ SEEK cultural awareness training. We can always be learning. Many business associations, Native Friendship Centres, or other groups offer a variety of cultural and racism based learning. Look for programs that are hosted by members of the community and that they are paid for their work.

➡️ PAY artists to license and use their art for diapers. A lot of brands design their own in house, but there are options. Wouldn’t it be so cool to have West Coast Art diaper?

➡️ DONATE and continue to donate to non profits that support Black, Indigneous and People of Colour. If you choose a fund that is not directly related to race, what are their race relationships? Does that environmental fund only hire whites? Do they acknowledge Indigenous land they are working on? And so many other questions.

➡️ POWER OF WORDS – that reminder that how we say things, the things we share, and frame of reference that we use is all impacts our thinking and experiences.

What actions are you looking for within the cloth diaper community?

I have chosen to emphasis Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in this post because this cloth diaper space is an international space and brands may need to work with a diverse group of people based on their local stories.