Not all cloth diaper covers are created equal and while many brands will have you convinced that their cover is the best cover, we thought it best to break down the covers that really work for fitted cloth diapers.

Fitted cloth diapers require a bigger cloth diaper because you need to cover more space. Some cloth diaper covers are more trim with thin sides like bikini underwear, while others are more like boxer briefs. These bigger, boxer brief, style cloth diapers fit easier with less struggle.

Yes, some brands claim their cover will fit over a fitted diaper despite its trim style, but that doesn’t mean it’s every-day practical for most cloth diapers.

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Cloth Diaper Covers for Fitted Diapers

** prices are estimates at the time of this article and may differ from retailer to retailer and with changes in MSRP.  Some of these diaper covers might not work for you. These are suggestions and not personal recommendations.

  1. Bambino Mio Miosoft: sized (size 1 is to 21lbs, size 2 is 21+), hook an loop, stretchy ($13.99 USD)
  2. Blueberry Capri – 12 – 35lbs, made in the USA. ($17.95 CDN)
    Blueberry Cover
  3. Buttons Super – 12-40lbs, double PUL, double leg gusset, snaps ($17.95)
    Buttons Super
  4. Diaper Junction BASIC Cover: 8-35lbs, TPU, snap inclosures.  ($7.95 USD)
  5. Diaper Rite 3.1 Diaper Cover: 8-35lbs, TPU, double leg gusset, snaps ($12.95 USD)
  6. Happy BeeHinds: 6-33lbs, PUL, double gussets cheapie ($6.00 USD)
  7. Happy Flute: 8-35lbs, PUL, Double gusset cheapie ($6.00 USD)
  8. Imagine Baby 2.0 Cover – 8 – 35lbs, PUL, Snaps or H&L, ($16.95 CDN | $11.95 USD)
  9. Mother-ease Air Flow: 6 sized options, ideal for Sandy’s but could work for other fitted diapers, adjustable hip snaps that allow for air flow. ($14.95)
    Mother ease air flow
  10. Nicki’s Diapers Covers: 8-35lbs, snap or hook and loop,  ($10.95 USD)
  11. Nicki’s Pull on Cover: sized, pull on($6.95 USD)
  12. Nuggles Tuck – Wrap – Go Cover – Size 1 & 2 (40+lbs), dual PUL, double gussets ($17.99 CDN)
  13. Sweet Pea Cover 10-38lbs, PUL, leg gussets, cross over snaps, ($17.95 CDN | $12.95 USD)
  14. Rumparooz One Size – 6-35lbs, TPU ($17.95 CDN | $14 USD)
  15. Thirsties Duo Snaps – Size 1 (6-18lbs), Size 2 (18-40lbs), PUL, Made in the USA, single snap, double gusset. ( $17.49 CDN | $12.75 USD)
  16. Tidy Tots – 10-36lbs, Made in the USA ($19.99 USD)
  17. Tots Bots Stretchy Wrap: sized (size 1 6-18lbs, size 2 9-35lbs), stretchy knitted polyester diaper cover, hook and loop, made in Scotland ( $16.95 USD)
  18. Wink Diapers: 8-35lbs, TPU, double gussets, ($14.99 USD)
  19. Wool

How do I pick which one? Don’t just pick the cheapest because that isn’t the only way to shop. The most expensive isn’t always the best choice either. Start with a print you love and go from there.

What is your favorite cloth diaper cover?

Best Diaper Covers for Fitted Diapers- Bigger fitting cloth diapers for bulky diapers