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cloth diaper parents around the world are looking for solutions, ideas, and companionship in their journey. They want to know how other parents navigate the struggle, and feel normalized by the lived experiences of others. 

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you don’t need to be a writer to share your story. 

We can help you share your story whether you write it yourself, you provide an outline to be drafted by us, or join us on the podcast. We also provide interview options for stories.

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don’t want to write?

Consider sharing your story on the cloth diaper podcast, you can book your podcast to share your tips, story, or experience with Bailey. This unique collection of lived experiences helps us normalize the diversity of diapering.

Story Ideas

Looking for inspiration on how or what to share about your story?

Your Wash Routine

Share how you wash your diapers, and what challenges you’ve navigated.

Your Nighttime Solution

Share how you navigate nighttime diapering with your children. 

Your Stash

Share your tips to build your cloth diaper stash for a specific situation, or general.

Tell us How

Share a story of you you do anything – how you advocate, how you started a group, or how you fold a flat.

Life Impact

How did cloth diapering change your life, and how could it help others.

Your Go To Tips

Seriously, share your best cloth diaper tips for us, repeat a previous story is fine too.

Contact Me

Got your story? Have more questions? Send me an email to learn more. Also, if I don’t get back to you, please email me again. Sometimes emails get lost, forgotten, and I’m just me.

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Parent Stories

Examples of previous stories shared by parents, brands & retailers.

Rachel’s Cloth Nappy Journey @happy.cloth.nappy.chappy

I had a pretty normal upbringing, the youngest of 5, we were quite a wasteful family. I was never taught the beauty of our planet, how to care for it or how to love it. I didn’t enjoy being outdoors and was very much just plodding along through life, not sad or...

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Once A Week Wash Routines

Once A Week Wash Routines

Wash Routine Examples Once a WeekWhile many brands recommend washing every 2-3 days for optimal cleaning, it's not always practical for parents. Many cloth diaper families around the world find alternative wash routines that work for them.These wash routine examples...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Topic Suggestions

I am looking to fill the gaps – beyond the basics. I have a book for that  

Did you ever google something about cloth diapering and find nothing? Or an outdated post that was not helpful? Is there a question in a  Facebook group you answer because that’s your story too?

Maybe you can help me answer these questions?

  • How can I cloth diaper if I only have access to cold water (North America, Mexico, India, Japan, anywhere in the world I get this question).
  • What was your biggest cloth diaper challenge and how did you over come it?
  • Can I cloth diaper in an apartment without laundry facilities?
  • Why do you cloth diaper despite the challenges?
  • Why did you decide to cloth diaper?
  • How can I cloth diaper without spending any money?
  • Can I cloth diaper twins or triplets?
  • Help! I don’t know where or what to buy in my country (insert small country outside of North America). How can I cloth diaper and what are some resources for my area?
  • How do you cloth diaper in extra-ordinary situations?

I will not publish content written with the intent to sell. I reserve the right to say no to content. I will not publish content that encourages cloth diaper groups with strict rules. 


How Long? Content Type?

Your guest post should be a minimum of 300 words and can be prepared in any way you want. I am open to making this as accessible as you need to be.

It should be original content. Google frowns on duplicate content. We can mix up something you’ve already posted as long as parts are different.

If you want to have a phone call and interview, I’m open to that story. 

Do I Need Pictures?


But if you have them, 2-3 images would assist in helping shape the story.

Why Guest Post?

Guest Posting is a way to share your story with other people and help new parents find connection with your story.

Guest posting is also an important part of blogging and building back links and strengthening your websites connection with the internet.

Bailey is a dedicated full time blogger to growing this website and it’s relationships. She continues to invest in better design, strategy, and copywriting to ensure stories reach who they need to reach. 

Don't Forget your Bio

2-3 sentances about you, and who you are is a great add to the bottom of the page to help shape the story.

Please also provide a picture (if comfortable), and any public social media links, or websites.

do I get a link back

Yes. I would love to link directly to your personal blog or shop. You can also include social media links.

No affiliate links. This likely violates your affiliate policy.

what happens after publication?

Content is posted once a week.

All blog posts are pormoted on social media including Pinterest graphics, Facebook shares. 

Once published, written content becomes the property of this website. I reserve the right to place advertisements and affiliate links.


where can I learn more about the cloth diaper podcast

Connect with me directly if you’d like to learn more about the cloth diaper podcast.

If you’re a brand and you want to work together, you can check out my work with me page.