Cloth Diaper Guest Posts!

The reason I started the Cloth Diaper Podcast is because I started to realize there is more than one way to cloth diaper. My way of cloth diapering isn’t the only way, and isn’t the right way. Instead, I wanted to start sharing not only brand stories of cloth diapering, but also the stories from parents around the world. I wanted to find a way to bridge us together in our knowledge and break down the barriers that suggest there is only way to do it.

Story is one of the most powerful ways we learn and share experiences with one another. Starting a blog, or starting a website, it’s not easy, and the task can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why I’ve decided that here on the Cloth Diaper Podcast, I’m going to start accepting Guest Posts!

Many people come to me to tell their story on the show and you can listen regularly on iTunes, YouTube, Podbean, as well as many other podcast services. But sometimes it’s not in the stars to share that story through conversation.

Guest posts allow you to share your story through written word on an established website I promise to love and cherish. This is a chance for your story to be shared, promoted, and archived alongside many others and become part of a collection of cloth diapering experiences that challenge the ordinary, bring it back into mainstream, and conquer the struggles of motherhood.

Cloth Diaper Guest Posts for Blog

What Am I Looking For?

I’m not looking for the basics.

I’ve written those alongside every other blogger on the internet.

I’m looking to fill in the gaps.

Did you google something only to find nothing? Did you figure it out and you’re tired of typing it out a dozen times in a Facebook group? This website is the place for you.

Here are a few questions I receive regularly that I need help answering to help you spur the creativity.

  • How can I cloth diaper if I only have access to cold water (North America, Mexico, India, Japan, anywhere in the world I get this question).
  • What was your biggest cloth diaper challenge and how did you over come it?
  • Can I cloth diaper in an apartment without laundry facilities?
  • Why do you cloth diaper despite the challenges?
  • Why did you decide to cloth diaper?
  • How can I cloth diaper without spending any money?
  • Can I cloth diaper twins or triplets?
  • Help! I don’t know where or what to buy in my country (insert small country outside of North America). How can I cloth diaper and what are some resources for my area?
  • How do you cloth diaper in extra-ordinary situations?


  • None.
  • Okay, I’d like it to be a minimum of 500 words and if you have 1-2 pictures to share of your stash, of your person (yes, pictures of you!) that would be great.
  • But seriously, you don’t need to be an amazing writer or even a good one. The story and the experience is more important.
  • Want to share something but don’t’ have the skills to share it? I can work with you to write it out for the world to hear (or I guess read)
  • Links & Promo – if you have a public instagram account, or other social media page you work hard to curate, or if you are a blogger/vlogger, I would love to also include links to your page and content. We need to find a way to better help people find what they are looking for – so yes, 2-3 links to your sites in each post. These links will need to be vetted and not all links will be approved based off consideration of the content on the other side of the link. 

Other Stuff

  • I reserve the right to edit, modify, and/or not publish.
  • I promise to share on Pinterest, Facebook and promote on Instagram.
  • Relatively original content please, which means if you’ve already published it somewhere else I want to know about it and work with you to tweak it and adjust it because the search engines of the world are less than impressed with spam content.
  • Once published, written content does become property of this website and you will need to request via email for posts to removed and/or edited.
  • I reserve the right to place advertisements and affiliate links as I see fit. Owning and operating a website comes with costs from server fees, domain fees, and more. Currently, the podcast is a hobby that costs me money each year and I would like to cover the cost of this website, servers, and my time in the future.

Contribute Your Post?

Ready to share a cloth diaper post and be the next cloth diaper blogger? Email me your idea, or sample, to bailey [at] and let’s start chatting.

Don’t forget you can also be on the show.