Destroyed Diapers

9 ways I’ve destroyed a dipaer

This video is more in-depth on YouTube – find it here for all the images you want.

  1. My mother’s washing machine – I’m not even sure the answer here, but it’s evil. 
  2. Using too hot of water – a lot of my covers have begun to break down quicker than anticipated, and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because I use too hot of water in my wash. I have since turned down my hot water tank to a more suitable temperature that wont scald the kids. You need hot water to kill things, but you also need not to destroy the TPU/PUL which is not made to the same grade as medical stuff. It’s made to last 100-300 washes. 
  3. Things in the wash – from forks to snappi’s, things that don’t belong in your cloth diaper wash can hurt your diapers. The fork scarred a few prefolds, and the snappi also destroyed a few covers.
  4. Hook & Loop – I know this is really popular in other countries, but even with laundry tabs, hook and loop still eats my diapers and I just can’t come out without some battle wounds. 
  5. Zippers – Metal Zippers (and metal snaps) these can heat up in the dryer and mark your bags or snag in the wash. In general, try to avoid. I find the damage is minor but at best, I’ve destroyed a lot of diapers. 
  6. Agitators – I have more than once found a diaper wrapped around an agitator. In this scenario I lost my elastic. I know many people hate on agitator-less washing machines but its never been better. Anything in my life with elastics or stretch is much more gently cared for, including my diapers. 
  7. Trying to replace the elastics and an hour later getting so frustrated with the knit picky work and strategy that I just gave up forever and ever. 
  8. Letting my elastics dry rot on a shelf for way too long. There’s a lot of different opinions about how to store your diapers and honestly, I don’t know anymore. 
  9. I also cut one open for science
  10. Popped an thread on the casing of an elastic tugging too hard.

Tell me about your destroyed diapers because I know there are better stories out there!