This advice is overwhelming but true. It’s commonly the biggest regret of many cloth diaper parents because they’ll buy an entire stash of pocket cloth diapers only to have their child have a reaction to the microfleece, or the diaper just not fit the way it should.

To tackle the overwhelm – don’t buy a dozen different types of diapers, but do try at least one other diaper. I usually recommend trying two types of daytime diapers – say @nerdymommaspocket diaper and @bebeboodiaperspocket diaper. And then consider if you need an overnight diaper, so you might buy a @lilly.and.frank and a @petitecrown.ig catcher to go over top.

You don’t have too many options, but you have a few to at least help you understand your needs as a cloth diaper parent. Nobody can know what will work for you until you get your hands dirty.

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