is welcome to cloth diaper

Canadian Cloth Diaper Facebook Groups

A list of my favourite spaces for Canadians that I know of.

Bullying in Cloth Diaper Communities

Great opt-ed shared by Pam about Bullying in Cloth Diaper Communities.

Everyone is welcome to cloth diaper.

You dont need to check off any boxes.
You don’t need a certian income or aesthetic.

The only thing you need to cloth diaper is the willingness to try and the support to keep going. That support might not be IRL (in real life), it could just be us on the internet cheering you on and troubleshooting when you need it.

Everyone is welcome to cloth diaper – you can do it part time, full time, or just during your paternity leave. You’re a still a cloth diaper parent, and we welcome you to join this community and support each other in achieving our cloth diaper goals.

Leave the Spaces that don’t make you feel safe.

If you can’t share your wash routine, if you cant talk about the important things, then leave that space. Don’t encourage and support cloth diaper bullying by remaining in spaces that turn a blind eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can cloth diaper?

Anyone who wants to cloth diaper can. Some families cloth diaper to save money, support environemental ethos, for health reasons, because its normal, or because they don’t have any other choice.

what can I do to be a better an ally?

Accounts to follow:

If you run a Facebook Group, Instagram Account, or community of people – yes, you have a responsibilty to be an ally and educate. 

how do you wash a small load of cloth diapers?

Many families opt to do a thorough rinse of the diaper by hand in the sink, and then add it to their next load of laundry with warm/detergent wash cycle.

This may sound too easy, but the more parents I talk to around the world, the more I learn that simple appraoches to cloth diapering can work.

The trick is a solid pre-rinse to remove the vast majority of pee/poop from the dipaer. 

What can I do if the cloth diaper group doesn't like my wash routine?

Ask more questions

Talk to your cloth diaper brand directly.

Find a new group.

Cloth diaper groups are run by people just like me – moms who have had a few more conversations about cloth dipaering that other people, and have the time to answer questions. But we don’t know everything. The most that we can do is share our experience and give you space to share your experience. 

How Can I be a better cloth diaper advocate?

Nothing is certian – and everything is incredibly diverse. The more I chat with parents around the world, the more I know that we have no idea what we are doing.

We create rules for simplicity, but it gets caught it up in struggle. 

Something that helps me is to focus on the idea “many families find…” and this instead shifts the attention to not absolutes but an idea. And to focus on sharing the background… “when I called Tide, they said…” and encouraging people to experiment more.