Fitted Diapers for Overnight Cloth Diapering

Fitted Diapers are an easy solution for overnight cloth diapers. If you are looking for a heavy wetter overnight cloth diaper solution, then start here because a fitted diaper is the best choice for many families.

There are other overnight cloth diaper solutions, but let’s not complicate a post more than it needs to be. We can talk about those another day, or check out this really great post from Maman Loups Den on some of the strategies that work with her kid.

What is a Fitted Cloth Diaper?

A fitted cloth diaper is a cloth diaper that is an entirely absorbent material. It can be made out of cotton, bamboo, hemp or a variety of different blends, but the diaper needs a cloth diaper cover. 

They usually have snaps, or a hook and loop closure, and can be available in a variety of sizes and styles. They are typically snap diapers with sized options. Sized is popular because it provides a better fit with less bulk.

Many of them have snap in or lay in inserts for additional absorbency. Without inserts, many of these diapers will work just fine for daytime or naptime, but heavy wetters will need the additional inserts to wake up wet.

Fitted Cloth Diapers are ideal because they offer a lot of absorbencies while providing minimal bulk. By wrapping the absorbency around the child it provides the option to reduce that bulk and increase the absorbency.

Fitted cloth diapers are expensive.

Yes, you can buy cheap ones online from wholesalers, but I’m going to live by my words that you get what you pay for. If you need a diaper that offers over 20 ounces of absorbency, it will cost you money. 

You do need a cover for a fitted diaper and you can choose any variety of TPU/PUL covers, or fleece, or wool covers to use with fitted cloth diapers. 

Best Fitted Diapers for Overnight - Overnight cloth diaper solutions for heavy wetters

Fitted Diapers for Overnights

These are fitted cloth diapers I would recommend for overnight cloth diapering. I have either tried these myself or have close experience with friends and family who have used these with their super soakers. These overnight cloth diapers are for heavy wetters.

Sloomb Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted or Sloomb Bamboo Fleece Fitted

Really, any sloomb fitted diaper can be a solid overnight choice for parents looking for a high quality absorbent bamboo fitted diapers. Pair with wool for a fully bulletproof solution to absorb an additional 30% of liquid.

These are sized fitted cloth diapers.

Sloomb OBF Fitted Diaper for overnights

LagoonBaby (Canada)

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot (Canada)

Nicki’s Diapers (USA)

Kelly’s Closet (USA)

Diaper Junction (USA)

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Nuggles Naturals BambooLuxe 2.0

Nuggles Fitted diapers are an exceptional product worthy of your stash. Pair it with a Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover, this sized bamboo fitted diaper comes with a 4 layer snap in contour sneaker. Heavy overnight wetters will need the additional snap-in folded soaker for 8 more layers of absorbency.

LagoonBaby (Canada)

Nuggles (Canada/USA)

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Omaiki Orion One Size Fitted Diaper

This Canadian made one size fitted cloth diaper is made with bamboo/cotton blends and snaps. Omaiki is a reputable brand worthy of creating products that last.

LagoonBaby (Canada)

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot (Canada)

Omaiki (Canada)

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HumBird Overnight Fitted Diapers

HumBird makes wool, but she also creates heavy duty overnight cloth diapers nobody has ever outpeed. The Super Nova is the last resort fitted cltoh diaper for parents with kids who just destroy everything. There’s also a more causal Nebula Overnight Cloth Diaper.

Learn more about HumBird from her episode on the Cloth Diaper Podcast.

HumBird (Worldwide)

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Twinkie Tush Cloth Diapers

This work at home based business is a popular fitted cloth diaper company, and I only know from friends about their beautifully exceptional products. Twinkie Tush Fitted Diapers are known to be worthy of overnight super soakers.

Twinke Tush Shop

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What fitted cloth diapers worked for your heavy wetter? Did they stand the test of 18-24 ounces?

Finding an overnight cloth diaper can be tough, and I know that there are many out there speaking of diapers that barely hold 10-12 ounces. If your diaper leaks, it doesn’t mean you have a heavy wetter. You have a heavy wetter when you begin to max out inserts capable of 10-12-14 ounces during the day.

Don’t jump into expensive fitted cloth diapers if you can’t afford it. There are ways to cloth diaper for less, but for many families, these are solutions that will work.


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