Day 4 – Share Your System

Flats Challenge 2021

May 17 – 23, 2021

Day 4 Topic – Share Your System

Share something about this week that you want to share. In past years we’ve done a day on folds, a day on wash routines, a day on budgets, but this year, you pick what’s important to you. 

Like all good things, I had dreams of sharing something but I have nothing to share this evening. Maybe I’ll be back tomorrow with an idea 

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The Flats & Handwashing Challenge is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about the accessibility of cloth diapering.

This year’s challenge is hosted by the Cloth Diaper Podcast. To learn more visit #FlatsChallenge


Since 2010

This Challenge was originally started by Kim Rosas at Dirty Diaper Laundry

Diaper Need

Because 1 in 3 american families struggle to afford diapers

Supporting Each Other

This event is one way the community has come together.

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Day 4 – Wash Routines

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