If FST are so cheap, why do people buy expensive flats & prefolds?

If FST are so cheap, why all the expensive flats & prefolds?

This is a good question because in the world of cloth diapering you have an unbelievable amount of options. You can cloth diaper for nothing by repurposing cotton materials in your home, or you can cloth diaper for thousands by using high quality luxurious hemp, bamboo’s and the like.

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So, if Flour Sack Towels, available for $5-7 for a package of 6 work, why doesn’t everyone use them? Why do these $10 Bamboo Prefolds from Nuggles exist, or even the $4 osocozy bamboo/cotton flat diapers (which by the way, long time users are telling me they shrink like crazy). 

Because we all cloth diaper for our own reasons and we all have different needs. 

Flour Sack Towels, yes, they are cheap, but I don’t like them. I even an entire post on my personal blog about why I don’t recommend them. I don’t like how they wash up, and because my kids are moderate to heavy wetters, they are not absorbent enough.

Some of the Many Reasons Families Use Expensive Absorbency for Cloth Diapers

  1. They didn’t know – many parents don’t know that you can use anything inside a pocket cloth diaper or a cloth diaper cover. We often get wrapped up in these ideas about only this way or that way, only cloth diaper products, but really cloth diapering has no rules (except don’t put microfibre against the skin). 
  2. Brand Loyalty or Support – for some families it is about the brand, but not in a brand snobbery way, but in a this brand makes a great product that works for me and I can afford it way. I also know people who just need to use Best Bottom Inserts with Best Bottom Diapers and that’s the only way they work. It’s who they are as a person, and that’s okay.
  3. They need a simpler product like a prefold because they would rather fold twice and not 5 times. 
  4. They need more absorbency and while FST are cheap, maybe they are okay with spending more money to buy a product that will meet their child’s absorbency. Many kids need 15 ounces at nap or night and that means 3 FST or a Nuggles 3 Ply Size 2, Smart Bottoms Large, Flip Night Time, and many others. 
  5. They want more sustainable textile choices – for many families the environment is the reason they cloth diaper and make choices in their life, and the textiles we choose can impact the overall sustainability of cloth diapers. FST tend to be just regular old bleached cotton, nothing fancy but also not the best ecologically speaking if you’re going to get down to the nitty gritty. 
  6. They have other needs – maybe someone needs stretchy large flats for a toddler because they fold them onto their child or maybe they need something trimmer to pair with a different insert.
  7. Their child just doesn’t respond well to wet cotton – it appears that some kids get rashes from wet cotton and it’s called a wetness sensitivity and treated with fleece liners, but the more parents I’ve talked with the more I’m wondering if its cotton and not the wet, because when these parents switch to hemp or bamboo products they dont’ experience the struggle. Food for thought because the world is just a little more complicated. 

If you use more expensive prefolds and flat inserts for your cloth diapers, why? 

For me it’s about sustainable choices and supporting small businesses with a product that just works better for my family. I can afford to cloth diaper in the upper mid price range and these products work best for my family; however, my reasons for cloth diapering are mine only. 

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