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interview with Sharona

An Interview with Sharona, from Geffen Baby  

In May 2020, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sharona from Geffen Baby. Sharona is a mother of triplets and an integral part of the Geffen Baby business. She is voice behind customer service, marketing, and ensuring that Geffen Baby customers are always happy.

Geffen Baby is a household name in the cloth diaper space. They manufacture and produce the highest quality and best performing hemp-based cloth diapers (and other products like their incredible cotton line up). This is a product that families rave about and parents say is worth the price. Geffen Baby hemp inserts are not cheap, but offer an incredible cloth diapering product that does not disappoint.

 The History of Geffen Baby

About 13 years ago, Geffen Baby business began selling cloth diaper inserts and absorbent products. This brand emerged out of an already established business owned by Sharona’s husband. Her husband is involved in domestic textile manufacturing – specifically, the knitting of textiles to create fabric. 

This is the reason why Geffen Baby products are so incredible – because they knit the fabrics, they adjust the machines, and they strive to create a high-quality product not as parents, but as the creator of the textile itself.

The name inspired by the grape plant at their second-floor office building in the Los Angeles area. Geffen translates from Hebrew to English as grape vine.

Let’s Talk about Hemp

At Geffen Baby they purchase yarn, and then knit into it the textiles. This Made-in-USA textile is then manufactured to create the Geffen Baby line up of products you know and love – like their hemp inserts and prefold diapers.

As the knitters of the textiles used in their diapers, Geffen Baby can craft a high hemp content product that maintains a high-quality product.

If you’ve ever wondered why some hemp inserts shrivel like a piece of bacon… and why some don’t… it’s based on how the fibres are weaved together. And at Geffen Baby, they take pride in their hands-on approach to textiles, and make fine adjustments to the machines based on feedback from customers. This fine tuning of the machines ensures that the fabric is just right for the consumer experience.

Geffen Baby’s Biggest Challenges

Hemp is still stigmatized.  It’s still a new textile. 

The decades of marijuana criminalization impacted the hemp textile industry. This continues to be felt by Geffen Baby as they navigate online selling platforms. The word hemp can be a headache for brands like Geffen Baby because it can trigger the algorithm to show you less, to have your product reviewed, and more. I know I’ve tried to sell hemp inserts on Facebook, only to have the post taken down because Facebook thought I was selling an illegal product.

Moreover, regulations around Made in the USA, and the marketing of such products is vague and lead to misnomers about a products story. At this time, brands can source fabric from outside the country, cut and sew it into a product, and then market it as a Made in the USA product.

With Geffen Baby, they take Made in the USA seriously. When they say that, they mean they’ve made the textile in the USA. It’s been knitted in their Los Angeles based manufacturing facilities. But not all Geffen Baby products are made in the USA, they do source and sell products manufactured from other factories such as their Pakistani Conventional Prefolds. 

Made in Pakistan Prefolds

Trust is a mutual experience, and in sourcing out the conventional cotton prefold diapers, Geffen Baby sought out outside manufacturing.

Sharona shared with me the importance of relationship building in forging this partnership with the Pakistan business. It wasn’t just about Geffen Baby finding a prefold manufacturer, but about a prefold manufacturer finding Geffen Baby and trusting that they would be a good steward for the product.

Her story of trust, relationships, and the goodness in people as they connected with manufacturers to grow Geffen Baby product line, is a reinforced experience that brand after brand shares. Starting a cloth diaper brand isn’t just getting someone to sew a diaper for a brand to sell, it’s about ensuring everyone’s path to success: both the brand, the manufacturer, and the suppliers involved.

But Geffen Baby is EXPENSIVE.

Yes, Geffen Baby is expensive.

Cloth diapering is not a money-making business, and Geffen Baby is no exception. This is an industry of tight margins and ensuring quality products land in the hands of parents. Geffen Baby knows their product changes lives, and they navigate the fine line of ensuring profitability and accessibility. But it’s also a Made in the USA textile product.

What’s Coming in the Future for Geffen Baby?

When I chatted with Sharona, she was excited to share about a hemp fitted cloth diaper in development and research. This could be the diaper your family is looking for – but in the meanwhile, check out the incredible cotton fitted diapers.

Sharona didn’t cloth diaper her triplets and doesn’t have the first-hand experience of cloth diapering to guide her in supporting families. Instead, she relies on trusted advisors (re: experienced moms and retailers) and testers to support her and Geffen Baby in creating products that work and providing advice that supports families. 

Geffen Baby is passionate in providing better diapers for you, your family, and the planet.

In my conversation with Sharona, I know more than ever that Geffen Baby is passionate about the products they create and the support they provide families.  This brand may have come around in an unusual way, but they remain passionate about textiles and delivering a quality product.

Where can I buy Geffen Baby?

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