Omaiki is a Quebec based company designing and manufacturing a whole spectrum of zero waste products from cloth diapers to cloth produce bags. Omaiki sources Canadian and manufactures in Montreal. Based out of Blairsville, the duo behind Omaiki are passionate and dynamic about their brand. They continue to release new and better product season after season.

I am a brand ambassador over at SimplyMomBailey, and I do use affiliate links. But I do love their product without the association. 


Omaiki Cloth Diaper Products

  • All In One Cloth Diaper
  • Fitted cloth Diaper
  • Newborn Cloth Diaper
  • Cabrio (Cloth Dipaer Cover System)
  • Cloth Diaper Cover
  • Inserts
  • Swim Diaper
  • Wet Bags of various sizes
  • Femine Hygiene Products
  • Kitchen Reusable Product
  • Family Cloth
  • And MORE!

Available at these affiliate retailers: Omaiki   or LagoonBaby (Canada Calgary Cloth Diaper(Canada)


My Personal Experience with Omaiki!

I have been a brand ambassador for two years and over that time have fallen in love with their product. If I could all over again, Omaiki would be defintely be in my stash. On a recent trip I even visited with them in Quebec and had a chance to shop the warehouse and meet the amazing owners of the company.

My favourite product is the Cabrio and the AIO. I haven’t tried the fitted cloth diaper, and my pad stash is mostly Lotus femine hygiene products. I love their mission and can’t wait for the next set of prints to release.

Omaiki Reviews

Cabrio & Other Diapers
Other Products


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