Best microfiber aio

An All In One Diaper is a diaper with sewn in absorbency. This is a one piece cloth diaper designed for ease of use and functionality. Microfibre is one of many textiles used in the absorbency of diapers. It is a synthetic and loved for it’s quick absorption, but can be difficult to clean and more likley to leak.


It’s important for me to let you know that this list is not sponsored or paid for by any brands. Prices in USD and may change depending on supply, product cost, and more.

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my favourite

If I was to choose a synthetic AIO cloth diaper it would be the Mother-ease Wizard Uno AIO cloth diaper. This diaper is available in a stay dry with a high quality synthetic absorbent material.


Best functionality

The Bambino Mio Miosolo AIO diaper offers amazing functionality with it’s hook & loop exterior, interior pull loops, and pocket design. This diaper is easy to customize to your needs and great for caregivers

$21.99 USD

best absorbency

The GroVia O.N.E. offers the most absorbency for a microfibre/cotton all in one cloth diaper boosting up to 18 oz of absorbency with double inserts. 


Best Made in USA

The Thirsties AIO is a Made in the USA Microfibre AIO diaper. It features a 4-layer microfibre tongue with stay dry absorbency attached to the front of the diaper. 


best value

The Imagine Baby AIO cloth diaper is a great value and easy to source in Canada and the United States. 


best price point

The Fluffy Penguin AIO offers one of the best price points with their simple AIO cloth diaper. Fluffy Penguin is available direct in the US without hidden costs and fees.


But what about...

There are so many other amazing diaper options out there. Here’s a few other Microfibre AIO Cloth Diapers to check out.


Let me know about your favourite microfibre all in one in the comments. Tell me why you love it and what gap it’s filled in your life.  

Other Microfibre AIO Cloth Diapers

bumgenius freetime

This is a double flat microfibre all in one cloth diaper. It is highly absorbent, Made in the USA, and well-loved by cloth diaper parents. 


Nickis Ultimate AIO

This is an affordable AIO cloth diaper, but it is a bulky fit and snap-in style diaper. The main absorbency is not sewn into the diaper.



AMP Diapers offers a 4 layer microfibre all in one cloth diaper. It is available in snap and hook and loop. 


$19.90 CAD