Best Microfiber AIO Cloth Diapers

Best Microfiber All in One Cloth Diapers for Baby

Are you crazy enough to be looking for a Microfiber All in One Cloth Diaper? Then you’ve come to the right place. These are best cloth diapers in the market and one of these might just work for you.

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Microfiber is a synthetic material used in cloth diapers. It’s very absorbent, and quick to absorb. However, it is not perfect. Microfiber is prone to compression leaks, sheds over time, and can hold onto stink and other wash related issues easier than others. Microfiber is commonly listed as polyester on diapers.

There are other choices to microfiber including bamboo, cotton, and hemp.

Best Microfiber AIO Cloth Diapers

** these are not listed in any particular order or ranking. I do not have experience with all of these diapers. Prices may be different at other retailers or may change without notice.

  1. bumGenius Freetime: This diaper is suitable for babies 7-35 pounds and features two microfibre inserts attached at the front and back. It also has bumGenisu stretchy tabs for a perfect fit.  ($24.95 CDN or $19.95 USD)
    bumGenius Freetime
  2. Thirsties AIO: One Size Cloth Diaper for 8-40 lbs with 4 layer microfibre soaker. ($24.95 CDN or $18.95 USD) Looking for a review?

  3. Imagine Baby Stay Dry AIO: This is a one-size cloth diaper for 8-35lbs with 4 layer microfibre soaker ($17.50 CDN or $13.95 USD)
    Imagine Baby
  4. Nicki’s Diapers Ultimate AIO: Suitable for kids 7-35+ lbs, the Nicki’s Ultimate AIO has a single soaker that attaches with snaps and fleece topped. ($14.95 USD)
  5. Diaper Junction AIO: 8 – 35lbs, 1 layer built in microterry, 2 layer fold over microterry soaker, snaps.  ($11.95 USD)
  6. Bambino Mio MioSolo: One Size, Hook & Loop, All in Ine cloth diaper made by Bambino Mio with a polyester. Single tongue diaper.  ($26.69 CDN or $22.99 USD)
    Mio Miosolo

What is your favourite microfiber all in one cloth diaper?

Best Microfiber All in One Cloth Diapers for Baby

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