Mighty Bubbles

What’s the deal? Is it bad?


Whats the deal with enzymes

What is Mighty Bubbles?

Mighty Bubbles is a laundry treatment designed to remove build up of minderals and urine from cloth diapers. It is manufactured by GroVia, and is a speciality product designed under consult. 

What is the feud with Mighty Bubbles?

Fluff Love University denounced Mighty Bubbles in 2018  as a stripping agent for cloth diapering. But who is Fluff Love University, and do they really have any more knowledge than any long term member of the cloth diaper community? Fluff Love sources most of their science through sourced experiences, surveys, and community input. They bring a wide away of opinions to the table that often differ – what makes me different than Fluff Love University, is that I’m open to accepting different conversations and that cloth diapering is a more diverse experience. I am open to listening directly to detergent brands and trusting that their years of research is more influential than the vocal online community experience. 

Detergent brands and cloth diaper companies, spend thousands of dollars creating products with the help of dedicated specialists in the field of detergent and biochemical engineering.

FLU used to have different recommendations that GroVia. And it was causing problems, something that GroVia was beginning to recognize because they create product and handle most of the customer service. As you can now see, FLU has denounced the product on their website and insufficient for stripping.


But does Mighty Bubbles Work?

Yes, Mighty Bubbles is a very efficient product used according to the product label. 

GroVia Mighty Bubbles is still an exceptional product. It’s still the same formula, and if you continue to use it according to the package directions you will have the desired outcome. If you have a less than desirable outcome, then you might want to reach out to GroVia for further assistance.

There is no such thing as a degree in cloth diaper science. If we can’t trust the brands that create products, who can we trust? Why is it that the secretive knowledge of a small group of parents trumps the knowledge of a brand that invested money and time into product development.


In my personal experience, 

as both a cloth diaper user, and consultant with many other brands and cloth diaper families, GroVia mighty bubbles is an easy to use product to reset cloth diapers. I love having a bag on hand to just reset things when things go wrong. Things do go wrong becuase just laundry and every load is a little different. So sometimes urine build up happens because you are washing dense materials in a residential setting.  


I don’t usually recommend DIY or RLR to cloth diaper families because these recipes are more difficult to manage and less control on the final output. RLR can be hard to source, as well as the softeners needed for a DIY Recipe.

Instead, I usually recommend families try a double detergent wash with an extra rinse, or rinses, until clear. A double detegent wash is not always two full cups, sometimes it’s just a heavy scoop with a long agitation to really get that clean. In my experience, many families find that heavy detergent wash with rinse can help reset your diapers, and then you can reassess if you need to add more detergent regularly, or find a heavier wash cycle. This is just way easier than sourcing ingredients and products that you don’t already have.

Where Can I buy GroVia Mighty Bubbles?

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you strip with GroVia Mighty Bubbles?

Follow the package instructions for the best results, as recommended by the manufacturer. 

FOR USE ON CLEAN DIAPERS (this should not be used as a detergent):

  1. Place one pac in washer with diapers. No other detergent is needed. Run a regular HOT wash with one extra rinse.
  2. Once diapers are clean, return to a simple wash routine that uses enough detergent.
  3. May be used in addition to a normal wash routine every 6-8 weeks to keep your diapers clean and buildup-free.
What is in GroVia Mighty Bubbles?

Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, Sodium percarbonate, Sodium polyitaconate, Surfactants, Enzymes, Oxygen bleach activator, Sodium silicate


How do I get Barnyard Smell Out of my diapers?

A GroVia Mighty Bubbles Treatment might help.

In the future, I would recommend using more detergent, removing poop more thoroughly, and ensuring you have enough agitation in your wash cycle. 

How often should you strip diapers?

Only as needed.

Ideally, rarely ever.

If you have synthetic cloth diapers, like microfibre, strips with Mighty Bubbles or a bleach wash, may be more effective in combatting stink than highly complicated routines. 

Can I use it to strip laundry?

Yes, if you want to strip all the things, GroVia Mighty Bubbles might be a good choice for you.