Are Mighty Bubbles Bad?

are grovia mighty bubbles bad? rumours around the product begin to swirl

No. Mighty Bubbles are not bad.

This is a rumour created by a small group of people who think they have control over the wash routine and laundry practices of cloth diaper parents.

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Mighty Bubbles is a laundry treatment product formulated by GroVia that is effective at removing the buildup of urine and minerals. Mighty Bubbles is an amazingly effective product trusted by thousands of parents across the world in restoring their cloth diapers.

Where did the rumor start?

After years of struggle, Fluff Love University (FLU – or Fluff Love & CD Science)  denounced the product and no longer recommends it for stripping of cloth diapers. The original Facebook post can be viewed here on their Facebook Page. 

They claim that GroVia has requested they stop using their product. The real story is probably more suggestive that GroVia wants FLU to stop using Mighty Bubbles OFF LABEL. And that this complete cut off of the product is the only acceptable compromise for the two who have sparred for a few years now. 

Apparently, the collective experience of a pseudoscience volunteer organisation trumps the research and development of a product by a cloth diaper brand. Hm. Think about that thought.

Kim Ornsby, the owner of GroVia, has been very vocal over the years that Mighty Bubbles is designed by a team of chemists and scientists to work the way it works according to the instructions on the label.

FLU has released new stripping graphics and guidelines.

These no longer recommend GroVia Mighty Bubbles in any capacity, and only the DIY strip.

The DIY strip is complicated, requires multiple products and is mostly just a ton of water softeners. Somehow, through some unknown science, 3 water softeners mixed together can magically clean cloth diapers? I’ve never understood this.

Mighty Bubbles is a well formulated recipe that is more than just water softeners. 

Why does FLU think it’s ineffective?

It’s hard to pinpoint the thought process behind Fluff Love and their distaste for using GroVia Mighty Bubbles according to the package. They recommended you soak diapers in the tub with multiple pods for hours.

Whenever anyone asks why the same rhetoric is repeated: “clean diapers and safe baby bums trump any warranty.”

But never an actual intellectual answer besides, “that’s what we do.”


Does that mean Mighty Bubbles is Bad?

No. Not it doesn’t.

GroVia Mighty Bubbles is still an exceptional product. It’s still the same formula, and if you continue to use it according to the package directions you will have the desired outcome. If you have a less than desirable outcome, then you might want to reach out to GroVia for further assistance.

There is no such thing as a degree in cloth diaper science. If we can’t trust the brands that create products, who can we trust? Why is it that the secretive knowledge of a small group of parents trumps the knowledge of a brand that invested money and time into product development.

are grovia mighty bubbles bad? rumours around the product begin to swirl

Mighty Bubble Details

You can check the GroVia website. 

Ingredients: sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium polyitaconate, surfactants, enzymes, oxygen bleach activator, sodium silicate.

It is not tested on animals, made in the USA, HE Safe, phosphate safe and pH neutral (among other things).

Follow the directions on package – one pod goes in the wash with diapers, no detergent needed. 

Keep using GroVia Mighty Bubbles for your laundry needs.

It’s an amazing job.

GroVia Mighty Bubbles successfully removes the buildup of urine and minerals from cloth diapers and garments.

Trust brands know their products.


Where can I buy Mighty Bubbles? Anywhere GroVia Products are sold including these affiliated retailers.

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