Looking for an AIO cloth diaper made out of natural fibres? But are you overwhelmed with the choices? Maybe you don’t even know where to start. This is the list of all in one cloth diapers made from natural fibres.

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Why AIO cloth diapers?

All in one cloth diapers are a simple neat little package. Everything is sewn in or attached with snaps. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Each brand has their own take on the all in one cloth diaper.

Last week we talked about some of the best microfibre AIO cloth diapers. Today, the natural fibre counterparts.

Natural fibre AIO cloth diapers will come in a variety of options from bamboo to organic cotton, to even hemp blends.

Natural Fiber AIO Cloth Diapers

** prices may differ from retailer to retailer and does not include any changes in pricing after the publication of this post.

  1. Best Bottom Heavy Wetter AIO: 10-40lbs, bigger design, snap in 6 layer bamboo insert, interior lined with 2 layers of bamboo, double gusset ($34.95 CDN $29 USD)
  2. bumGenius Elemental 8-35lbs, 6 layers of organic cotton, insert attached at both ends, stretchy tabs ($26.95 USD $30.95 CDN)
    bumGenius Elemental
  3. Blueberry Simplex: 10 – 35lbs, 10 layers of birdseye cotton, pocket opening, attached soaker pad, ($30.95 USD | $33.95 CDN )
    Blueberry Simplex
  4. Diaper Junction Heavy Wetter AIO: 10-40lbs, 11 layers of bamboo/organic cotton fleece, one sewn in soaker, one snap in soaker, snap closures. ($18.95 USD)
  5. Diaper Rite AIO: 8 – 35lbs, 10 layers of bamboo terry, 2 snap in soakers, TPU ($18.95 USD)
  6. Easy Peasies Ready Use: 10-50lbs, 3 layers of hemp/cotton, 3 layers of bamboo, made in Canada ($19.95 CDN)
  7. GroVia AIO: 10-35lbs, side snap, organic cotton, snap in insert along with sewn in insert, TPU ($33.95 CDN | $23.95 USD)
    GroVia AIO
  8. Imagine 2.0 One Size Bamboo: 8-35lbs, bamboo viscose, sewn in soaker pad, hook & loop or snaps ($16.95 USD)
  9. Lighthouse Diapers: 9-32lbs, “4 layer” bamboo knit, book fold design, stay dry fleece layer, snaps ($27.95 CDN | $22.95 USD)
  10. Nerdy Momma’s AIO Cloth Diaper: 2 semi attached inserts with 2 layer bamboo and a bamboo/cotton blend, double gussets, 4×3 rise setting. ($17.99 USD)
  11. Nicki’s Diapers OS Bamboo AIO: 8-35lbs, bamboo/cotton insert snaps in place, lined with bamboo ($17.95 USD)
  12. Ragababe AIO Cloth Diapers: sized all in one diaper, bamboo rayon sewn in soaker, hook and loop closures. (Starting at $34.95 USD)
  13. Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.1: 8-35lbs, 10 layers of organic cotton, double long tongue, 4 rise settings, made in the USA ($34.95 CDN | $29 USD)
    SmartBottoms 3.1
  14. Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper: 8-35lbs, 55%hemp/45% organic cotton inner, 4 rise settings, pocket opening, snap in insert, made in the USA ($31 USD)
    Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper
  15. Sweet Pea AIO Bamboo Diaper: Bamboo cotton/bamboo velour, snap in soaker does have one layer of microfibre with 2 layers of bamboo. ($21.95 USD)
  16. Omaiki AIO ($33.95 CDN)
    Omaiki AIO
  17. Thirsties Natural All in One ($33.95 CDN | $24.75 USD)
  18. Totsbots Easy Fit Start: 8- 35lbs, bamboo core, hook & loop, made in Scotland, Stay Dry ($29.95 CDN |$24.95 USD)
    Tots Bots

Tell me about your favorite natural fiber AIO cloth diapers below!

Best Natural Fibre AIO Cloth Diapers