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November 10, 2021


Topic: Open Topic

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November 10, 2021



Romi Sanchez (Pici Vnvm, Instagram, Argentina), Courtney Smelink (Eco Accoutrements, Canada), Stephanie Gross (Bumby Wool, Canada), Rory (Cloth Diapers United, United States), Deja (Shine Diapers, United States), Brittany (Earth & Pebble, Canada), Krystal Keller (Kindercloth, United States), Anna (Nerdy Mommas,USA), Blythe (The Blythe Life, United States), Bailey Bouwman (Cloth Diaper Podcast, Canada)


The Competition Act Canada

Anti-Trust Laws

Cloth Diaper Network Update


What are you struggling with or need support with right now?


  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Juggling all the things
  • Sale validation conversation – do they trust me to give me sales.
    • Media stuff, but the company which is a project of me.
    • Therapist, and supporting me in that growth and this
    • Person in running this business and building a business, and the reason you are because they’ve bought into you and the believe in you.
      • Deal in facts.
        • I am where I am.
        • I have a community behind me.
        • I know I’m capable of doing it again.
      • Combats of some of that anxiety.
      • Realigning with my goals and realizing how you’re doing.
    • Brittany – BounceBack in Ontario, cognitive behavioural therapy guide and a counselling call once a week, and booklets at home.
    • Women in Business Programs in your local community, and you are worthy of that support and resources.
      • Talk about your dreams with people other people
      • Coincidences and getting off your path.
    • Ted Lasso, leadership and being a team and bringing a team together.
    • Bailey recommended You’re Invited, Jon Levy
    • We talked a lot about mental health struggles
      • Just try one more day.
      • I just want to have fun and be authentically me and throw me out me like that and it was wonderful.
    • Be Authentic is the key. It’s worth it.
    • Trying to not glorify business – that’s not just a prioritize
    • Cloth Diapering looks different for everyone just like running a business looks different.
    • It’s okay not to do all the things.
    • If there’s money, there’s wonderfulness – but this
    • Consumer expectations of people has really shifted, and consumers have an expectation fo what will happen and if you don’t fulfill than it destroys that.
      • And then that’s too hard and then they just go with amazon.
      • People are scared and build that brand loyalty is tough.
      • Consumer confidence is waning.
    • Consumers are looking for permission on that story.


2022 Working Committee on coming to solutions for simplifying the story – how do we work through those things. Solution isn’t just one thing.


Shifting the conversation on wool – and damaging it by being gentle.



How do you get retailers?

  • Come directly to me.


Women love to hide behind their brands.


Deja asked her 11-year-old – he said, your videos are way too long even at 30 seconds.

  • 20 seconds or less.
  • 10-12 seconds.
  • Do something you think would embarrass your kids.
  • Trending sounds are huge, make people laugh, and be authentically yourself.
    • Showing up and giving their audience who they are and just people who are like them and there way of being.
  • No Nuisance November – you drop your controversial opinion, and you don’t discuss it.


Don’t tell anyone but,…


The Cloth Diaper Coalition is working on sanitizing guidelines for diaper banks, if


You told someone… and now big wash group didn’t help them…. And now the diapers and wash routines …. And struggling with issues. And brands are relying on this big wash groups, and then where does our responsibility start and end as a brand on caring for diaper


Cloth Option should have a resource to support parents.

Is there a liability issue there are avoiding?

Do you have guys have an admin.


The issue feilding all the conversations and my admins are all moms. Living on social media, and finding that balance. As a brand owner, and I have to be careful because I can’t afford to be replacing and the time span to work on that.


Trying to create some of these one pagers, and here’s the answer, and everyone can share those details and then I have the copy & paste link.


Working Group for 2022 – creating standards of answers for solutions and then providing that. Provide a space to give out this information.


Pass the object might be a cute a video idea to introduce their brand with others


Unicorn Clean

Faire – 25%, payment process, and then worried about the network and value.


There has to be a rules and a contract and then how do you manage that and whole sale.

Not everyone has a business network, and not having a clear contract with expectations.

You have to keep your brand and integrity.


Feedback, and communications, and sticking to clear rules or clear freedom. No gray area because that’s where they get hurt.



Knowing what industry’s

A spot to chat, and bring these people to continue these conversation.


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